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I saw Jim today. Let me explain. I moved to this area about 20 years ago. My wife and I vote independently. Sometimes we vote for Republicans and sometimes for Democrats. Depends on their views. We met Ben, early on, and were struck by him being an honest hard-working Democrat. His views were similar to ours. He considered Democrats to be the gift of God and Republicans to be the spawn of the devil. I have seen him, off and on, over the last 20 years. After all, he lives a couple of blocks south of me.

I hadn't seen Jim for about a year, but I ran into him yesterday at the grocery store. I stopped and talked to him [we still do this in the country]. We caught up on things for awhile, and then I gleefully told him about President Bush's sloppy drunk daughters. I said "Like father like daughters" and then laughed at myself for a couple of minutes straight.

I laughed as I told Jim about the collapse of companies like Enron, and how through their greed and corruption thousands of workers were out of work and how their life savings were erased.

I excitedly told Jim how the World Trade Center was attacked and thousands died. I told him that President Bush knew about this in advance and apparently sanctioned it.

I went on about things like this for quite awhile, but noticed Jim did not share my excuberance. Finally I closed with, "isn't it great that all of these bad things are happening when a Republican is in the White House." Jim told me that these things weren't great at all, and that I should seek help for thinking they were.

Who would have thought that all of these years Jim was actually a closet Republican..........disgusting.

-- T (that's@MR.T), July 29, 2002


What's this....a psychological profile of trollboy?

-- ??????????????question mark man??????????? (??@??.@@), July 31, 2002.


-- (duh@duh.duh), August 01, 2002.

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