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I've just traded my 916 (5 happy years) for a (hardly) used 2000F4. (I know - why? Let's say for a change and I got bored waiting for the 999 - and now, having seen it - it's on definite hold..........) So my question to you guys- can you modify the eprom (or anything else) to give a smoother power delivery between 6000-9000RPM. Rolling the throttle Keith Code style is a scary and unpredictable business right now. I'm sure everyone has the same problem. I guess you can ride around it but, after the Duke, it's hard work. Otherwise, the bike's great- chassis, looks- all the usual MV stuff. I'm dreading a couple of days on the track later this month though, where I'm sure to a) dump it and/or b) make an pillock of myself, so any suggestions / tips/ past experience would be much appreciated. Thanks and happy riding. By the way, if anyone is up for a ride if you're touring in the south of France- drop me a line. The roads are spectacular and the weather generally good.

-- Patrick Banfield (jpbanfield@aws.fr), July 26, 2002


Remapping the fuel injection, may help a little, change the exhaust sometime or Not, depend the brand of exhaust, its diameter, and length to the "Y"(I used to do lot of Dyno test while I owned a bike shop). A sure way is to re-set your cam timing (remove the cam cover and change the setting between the cam and its sprocket). But I will not recommend doing that without a minimum of experience + a dyno, also making sure the valves would not hit the piston or themselves (more likely not since you want torque). I will say this represent a good +3 days work, if not more if you want the best torque-curve. But it's fun.

-- o (okthomas@tir.com), July 26, 2002.

I would love to ride with you, I am in Geneva all the time and the France town of St. Julien. Drop me an email. I think my Duc would love it.


-- George V (f1gp2002@libero.it), July 27, 2002.

Patrick......you've seen the light !!!! I also come from a Duke {748} and i had a similar feeling at first..... My only suggestion.....get use to riding the MV between 8-12,000 rpm. That's where the bike starts to make sense..... It's a culture shock to start with, but it's how to get the most out of an MV. Say goodbye to the V-twin ....


-- Pete Hughes (hueyhuey@ozemail.com.au), July 27, 2002.

oh....track tips.... 1. learn the track before pushing. 2. If in doubt, slow in ,fast out {of corners} 3. Enjoy yourself, don't scare yourself.

4. the MV will look after you Patrick, it's an awsome track-bike.

The MV will put a smile on your face so wide, it will take a month to remove it !!!! happy trackday !! Pete

-- Pete Hughes (hueyhuey@ozemail.com.au), July 27, 2002.

Check to see if you have the replacement injector bodies, there should be a blue paint spot on #1 injector if you have.

Early F4's had problems with power delivery and "jerky" throttle response with the early injectors.

Regards, Mark Bridger

-- Mark Bridger (f4owners@genie.co.uk), July 29, 2002.

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