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Hi, I was told I could contact you for information on my grandfather. His name was Robert Church Stansfield and he worked on the railroad that serves Georgia in the 20's and 30's as a young man. I would like to know where he worked and if he drove the train or not. I would also like to try and find pictures of him for my grandchildren.

My aunt told me she thought he worked for Seaboard Airlines, but I called my travel agent and they told me there is no such airline and I can't imagine how he might have been connected with flying and trains at the same time.

I hope I did this right and you will answer me soon.


-- Katherine Stansfield McWherter (, July 26, 2002


I am sorry but I can't help you with your original question but your message cought my eye. See, my grandfather died when I was 3yrs old back in 1959. I have recently gotten interested in finding out everything I can about his employment with the railroad. I saw that you were asking about "Seaboard Airline". Well, there was and never has been a seaboard airline. Your grandfather probably worked for the "Seaboard Airline Railroad". That is the exact same railroad that my grandfather worked for from 1910 to 1956. He died in 1959. His name was Gordon Cleveland Parker. He was an engineer on the route that ran from Savanah, Ga to Montgomery, Ala. I am now presently trying to find out all of the history of the "Seaboard Airline Railroad" that I can. I would be glad to send whatever I can get together. If you would let me know your grandfathers name and any other information I will be glad to be on the lookout. I want to get this information ASAP because my father is 74yrs old and I want him to see it before he dies. My mailing address is: Rusty Parker 1906 Sheppard Road Cordele, Georgia 31015

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-- Russell L. Parker (, September 11, 2002.

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