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Thanks to all who have aided us in our fight for justice for my fiance. Seems solicitors have backed down and we are now dealing with B&B Recoveries Dept. which has not happened for a couple of years, so we are hoping this is a good sign. Have today sent a letter as follows:

Further to your letter, reference MH/H71/8266A. I no longer reside at (address withheld) and have been corresponding with Bradford & Bingley so find it incomprehensible why a letter should arrive at the aforementioned address, at which I visit extremely infrequently. Please, again, take note of my current address as above. I have neither viewed nor received your letter of 22nd April 2002 at either address nor entered into any correspondence, verbal or otherwise, with you prior to this. I have never signed nor acknowledged the alleged debt in any agreement, and can confirm I have never agreed to or made any instalments at any time. I would like to refer you back to my previous correspondence to Bradford & Bingley the latter of which was dated 7th March 2002 which clearly states my position on this matter. If you require further copies of my correspondence please advise.

Will keep you all updated. Thanks again.

-- Chris (, July 26, 2002


Brilliant letter - hope this gets things sorted for your fiance.

Best wishes and lots of luck.

-- d (, July 26, 2002.

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