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Having been paying a monthly amount now for about 5 years over a 6 year old 24,500 shortfall, I started questioning the debt and have been following the general guidelines suggested by this site.

The Halifax are the lenders with Direct Legal & Collections acting for them. Seeming to get nowhere with DLC, I contacted The Halifax directly explaining my situation that they are chasing money that is not there & that they are causing distress to my family.

I outlined my financial situation (I work in the aircraft industry which is dead at the moment, I pay child maintenance etc etc). They wrote back saying they "regret causing ditress" they "understand financial situation" would take a "reduced settlement" and they would contact DLC and tell them to put the file on hold. I was to fill in an I & E form and we would go from there.

I then Sarned both the Halifax and DLC 2 weeks ago.

Today I have received a letter from a solicitor saying I'm to pay the full amount of 23,000 (no mention of reduced settlement or payment plan) within 7 days or court proceedings will be issued without further notice. This is less than 4 weeks after the letter about not causing distress etc.

Now I've followed this site enough to know to expect this and not to panic etc, but if I had a laptop I'd be writing this letter sitting on the loo if you know what I mean. Any advice would be appreciated.

-- Drew (, July 26, 2002


Hi Drew,

No panic. I think I would probably write back to the solicitors saying you are currently awaiting documents regarding a SARN and are currently under negotiation with the Halifax and you will review/respond when you have had time to study the documents. Bog standard letter from solicitors, to date my fiance has had about 25 of these - mind you the last one they gave him 14 days to respond, very generous eh! Good luck. Chris

-- Chris (, July 26, 2002.

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