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Warning if someone is gonna go see the movie Joy Ride then watch out for spoilers here :P

OMG!!! Me and my friend Maria just came home from the movies! We saw Joy Ride and gosh it was sooo good!!! I was scared so I was ready to pee my pants!!! LOL!!! But Paul Walker is sooooo hot!!! Not as hot as Heath but still omg!!! It's about two brothers who plays a joke on a truck driver by radio and imitates a girls voice and says that she's waiting for him in Lonestar Motel in rum 17 and they check in to nr 18 and the day after they found the guy who stayed in nr 17 with his jar torn off his face! And the truck driver is now after them!!! Hunting them. They go to pick up a friend (a girl) and then the trunkdriver kidnappes her friend and to get her back the two brothers has to go in to a restaurant NAKED!!! and you get to see Pauls butt!!! Geez!!! Maria and I we were drewling like crazy!!! OMG!!! I have no words but that guy is soooooo HOT!!!! Anyone seen the movie???

Hugs Angie

-- Angie (, July 25, 2002


ok you guys Orlando Bloom and the guy from Everwood are the hottest guys alive!!! Orlando Bloom looks great in blonde hair, but better with the spicked mowhawk. No words to describe Orlando, im his #1 fan!

-- Kim (, September 22, 2002.

omg omg!!..shane west is a hottie!!!..he is hot n gorgeous!!..i love him so0o0o0o much!!!!!..he is jus so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0 hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..he is so0oo cute, hot, sexy, and his smile is hot 2!!!! words can describe him!

-- nicole (, August 24, 2002.

I agree with you Jackie!! Orlando Bloom is the hottest guy in Lord of the Rings, but no one can come close to Heath!! lol!! Well Monica, Ashley and me has another favorite too......-"the keeper that's me" *smile*. Gosh!!! The hottie from Harry Potter ;)

-- Angie (, July 28, 2002.

Yea, Paul Walker is very hott. You know who else is really hott? Orlando Bloom, the elf (Legolas) from Lord of the Rings, but he looks so much better when he's not a blond. He and Paul Walker are both hott, but they are not Heaths ~lol~

-- Jackie (, July 27, 2002.

yea paul walker is hot (hes the one who was the driver), but u know who is really hot?! Shane West!! i saw a walk to remember, and im like WOAH! haha, no but heath ledger is still

-- stephanie (, July 27, 2002.

Yeah we are a little late with movies here! lol! I live in Sweden, and I guess they're late cuz they have to translate the whole movie for the just came out here the other day. Monster's Ball hasn't even come out here yet! lol Naaa... Paul is the blond one. The driver ;) I think he was the hottest one....his brother was funny but not as hot!! lol! :P


-- Angie (, July 26, 2002.

i saw this movie quite a while ago. it was really good. where are you at that you're just now getting it? (just out of curiosity.) i'm in imperial beach, ca, (just outside of san diego), and i don't even think it's still in many theatres around here. in fact, i think it's already available on video here. (or did you mean you rented it?) which one is paul, by the way? the one who was driving or the one who played his brother? (i find the one who played the driver's brother more attractive, but that's just me.) @ :- )

-- sarah shultz (, July 26, 2002.

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