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**vrijdag 26 juli Zoppo Mercy Giants The White Broncos Deur: 21:30 **zaterdag 27 King Shiloh Soundsystem 22:00 5 euro **28 july Ladyfest @ occii - 7 euro 20.15 - 20.40 Bunnies On Strike: noisy old school riot girls from these lowlands. 20.40 - 20.55 Sabrina Capon: From Bulgarian and Ecuadorian origins, she is based in the U.S. spoken word 21.00 - 21.40 Haggard This socio-political female duo rips through four blinding guitar-and-drum tunes, packing a strong feminist and lesbian agenda. Vocally, the pair matches quick-tongued hardcore screeches with throaty, death metal-like growls. 21.45 - 22.00 Sydney's texta super-heroine, TextaQueen, with special .live nude guest, textas up a Textanude in a lightning live drawing performance.  22.05 - 22.30 Jeanne Marie Spicuzza: is a Sicilian American based in Los Angeles, an award winning poet and performance artist. 22.35 - 23.20 Mirah Signed to K records, she mixes soft melodies, minimal guitar parts and her own intimate lyrical style to create songs which are both innocent and sultry.  23.30 - 00.30 Dominatrix play powerful and melodic riot girl punk/hardcore,- that you will fall in love with, they released few cd's which were very quickly sold out; they have strong feminist lyrics. 01.00 - 02.00 Dj Fabiegator of No sex fame, will play music by all the hard punk rocking girl bands

02.00 - 03.00 Dj Martha (guest from the teknoize soundsystem ZMK) : ravingis not dead and free parties should be available to all. Martha gives you a taste of what you are missing out on at this very last hour of the fest! Mixing hard beats with sounds, Martha likes to move people with her music, and move we will.  ----- Hanin Elias cancelled due to a recording session stretching. Lolita storm first confirmed to replace & then cancelled again... sorry!!

**Donderdag 1 Augustus Sika - slovaakse trash Henceforth - nieuwschoolse herrie Skulls & Flames - uit venice, nl Ten volt shock - duisterlandse koordansers (- Possible Suspect gaat helaas niet door wegens bassist die 2 polsen brak.) deur 21:00 - 1e band 21:30 - 4 euro **verwacht: 16 aug: Submission Hold & the DIN (can) + Chelseaonfire (usa) 23 aug: Belch, Stuttering Blind Cripple, Johnny Greenhand & Pin-up fashion show! **later: Hardheid / Brain of Morbius / Nina Nastasia / Alphastone (ex- spaceman 3) / Zea / kek'66 / the Phantom Limbs / Gogogo Airheart / Beatnick l.i.o.n.s. / Erase Errata / BulBul / Vialka / Deerhoof / Gorge Trio / Happi Wizz /

occii amstelveenseweg 134 1075 XL amsterdam tel 020-6717778 www.occii.org

-- grrrt (grrrt@squat.net), July 25, 2002

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