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I have two questions involving the SEABOARD in Miami. 1)Where was Hialeah Jct.? I have a map of Miami so I would like specific landmarks, like street numbers, if possible. 2)How exactly did passenger trains get into Miami station. I assume they had to back in. What was the process? Where did they turn around? Thanks! Richard Stallworth

-- Richard Stallworth (, July 24, 2002


So...would it have been better if the SAL had built the "Miami Grand Central Station." Seth Bramson has said the original station would have been around Lejeune Rd and Flagler St. It would have been further west but maybe not as crowded.

Richard Stallworth

-- Richard Stallworth (, July 26, 2002.

And the trip from Hialeah south to the station was S-L-O-W. Whatever its virtues architecturally (which were few) SAL's station in Miami, and its poor location, was never remotely adequate, or worthy of the railroad's boldness in building to the southeast coast in the first place.

SAL's apologetic, back-door entrance into Miami made clear to all that by the time the railroad finally reached town, the Florida land boom had crashed.

-- Jeff Gerlach (, July 26, 2002.

The line to the station branched off at east 8th Ave (Le Jeune Rd)and NW North River Dr. The trains headed in.They were pulled backward to a large turning circle at Hialeigh and done the same in reverse.That way they consist was always pointed in the proper direction.This was especially necessary for the "Meteor".

-- Joseph Oates (, July 25, 2002.

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