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After reading through paper work sent to me by the Bradford & Bingley... I have found that there is nothing relating to the actual reposession of the property concened.... Mostly just copies of letters sent regarding amounts of arrears, and then letters sent to an old address informing me of an alleged shortfall of which I had not recieved as I had already moved from that address. Also there is a copy of the origional mortgage application form and thats it.....

Should there be more?

I have responded to them on several occasions but I have not had any replies from my last letter ( see earlier posting Valuation Reports) i feel as if nothing is happening any suggestions? I feel as if they are dragging their feet surely after they make all of this effort to find me after almost 6 years they should be able to produce all relevent paper work??

-- (, July 24, 2002


What you have to bear in mind Lisa is that this is a marathon not a 100m sprint. Don't get frustrated at their incompetence or willful sloth. You can use their reluctance to provide you with the full facts to your ultimate advantage. Simply draw their attention to the information that they are failing to provide you with and point out that you cannot begin to deal with this matter until they have complied fully with your requests for information about their claim.

-- Gordon Bennet (, July 25, 2002.

I am too going through the same with the halifax,there's no repossession order/money judgment. I also got the mortgage application and like you little else (361pages 90% of it relates to an old current account) according to the halifax everything that relates to me has been sent !!!!!sent another letter yesterday asking for paperwork again as there seems to be lots missing.....just remeber every time they don't send what you have requested, It won't look good if it gets to court/or they are hiding something!!!. good luck

-- amanda barton (, July 25, 2002.

I agree with the two responses above. Even though they're supposed to, lenders persistently fail to provide everything which they hold on you. Unfortunately, they like to think that they can pull the wool over our eyes, and that we're not exactly sure of what our rights are.

Write again, thanking them for the information they've sent, and ask for the rest. If they fail to come up with the goods, then make a complaint to the Information Commissioner.

-- pendle (, July 25, 2002.

Another potential explanation I remember reading about on this site and buried here somewhere is that lenders effectively 'bury' record documents they are obliged by law to keep in warehouses operated by other companies and it costs them big bucks to retrieve information. The Halifax in my own case admitted in a copy of an internal memo that it had 'lost' my file....

-- Gordon Bennet (, July 25, 2002.

Lisa here

Thanks for the replies...In my next letter should I mention that I am considering complaining to the information Commisioner?

-- (, July 25, 2002.

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