Electrical Problems?

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Just Curious if anybody has electical problems with thier 2002 MVs? My month on Senna just died. the battery light came on while I was riding and then the display went out and then the bike died. looks like the battery isn't charging or something because if you wait a while the bike will start (though the battery light still stays on) but will quickly die out again.

-- TP (tpoole@xnet.com), July 23, 2002


Or you just have a bad battery. Have you changed the battery or tried slow charging it? Lots of short trips are hard on batteries.

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), July 23, 2002.


I had a similar problem on my 2002 MV as well. My display went out also while riding. I already purchased a new battery and added the acid to it, but it turns out that the original battery was fine. It seems as though the negative (ground) battery cable was not tightened down all of the way. You might check there as a start. Good Luck.

-- Pete (pistonpete@hotmail.com), July 25, 2002.

I also had a bad batery on my 2002 Senna. It seems fine now after replacement.

-- John McMahan (jtmcmahan@nwnasalsinus.com), July 25, 2002.

thanks for the info and sorry for the delay in response. just got the thing home from VA and to my dealer. no word yet on what the issue is

-- TP (tpoole@xnet.com), July 26, 2002.


it's april 2004 and i have the same problem with my 2001 F4

Can you tell me what the course was that time because i'm already seeking after the solvation for this problem for 3 weeks now.

thanks in advance for your answer, i apologize when i'made mistakes in typing because i'm from holland

greetings MVago69

-- michel (mvago69@hotmail.com), April 14, 2004.

My Battery was just replace after only 9 months since purchased...Oddly enough, the plant where they make the batteries (yuasa Exide) is only about 6 miles from my house! (reading, PA) Anyway, the battery died, and was actually replaced under warranty. Here's the thing..I don't know if it was the OLD battery, or the NEW one, (I have to check the new one) but one of them leaked acid, etched into the left passenger peg, and "bleached" my swingarm. Thats the only thing i can deduce about the discoloration effect. I have some pictures i just took that i will put in the email of yahoo groups. P.S., Bike never died while riding...Just had a very short battery life.


-- Bullwieney (jim_dangle@comcast.net), April 19, 2004.

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