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I am being chased for an alleged shortfall by the Bradford & Bingley Building Society. After serving a Sarn back in december 2001 I finaly recieved a folder of documents which I read through in detail. I wrote back requesting for all documentation relating to the sale of the property ie valuation reports. That was at the begining of April this year. In reply to that letter I recieved a letter saying that they acknolwedged my letter and would be dealing with it in due course. I wrote again a couple of weeks later asking for the valuation reports and once again I recieved the reply that they would be dealing with the matter in due course.....

I have again heard nothing so I wrote again for the 3rd time requesting the valuations at the begining of this month requesting that they reply to me within 7 days, to this letter I have had no response..... that was a week ago today... what should my next course of action be I am not in a position to authorise a solicitor to take over on my behalf all I want is to come to an arrangement to clear this matter up. I regularly read the answers section on this wonderful web site and have noticed that in the paperwork that they sent to me there are no documents containing court ref numbers or if there was, or is a money judgement order against me..

There is something which is called a general form Of judgement Or Order (is this it ?) but I am not able to read the date.

Thanks in advance for any advise given

Regards Lisa

-- (, July 22, 2002


There is a form called "General Form of Judgement or Order" but you need the text of this to know exactly what its about - it could well be an order for the repo of the house and not for money.

The ball is in the court of the lender. Personally, I would leave it until they write back to you, you've done your bit, its not your fault if they won't answer.

If they write a threatening letter to you, merely refer them back to the letters you have written.

-- pendle (, July 22, 2002.

Lisa If you still haven't received the information you requested, and are still wanting to settle this matter, I suggest you write another letter to the B&B stating that 'with reference to your previous correspondence (copies enclosed), to date you do not appear to have received a reply. If no reply is forthcoming in the next 10 days then you will write to the chief executive to see if he can intervene in this matter'. Send the letter and copies recorded delivery so that there can be no dispute as to whether they have received them. Good Luck

-- (von6@uboot .com), July 30, 2002.

Thanks Von

As yet I have heard nothing in response to my letter but I do know that it was delivered and signed for the next day as I have tracked the letter by the Royal Mail.

Tomorrow I will write back to them as you have suggested

Kind Regards Lisa

-- (, July 30, 2002.

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