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Do you know if there is any program online that leads into bachelor of Music/Piano without going to University? If there is any could you let me know. Thanks

-- Mojtaba Ghahremani (, July 20, 2002


Not that I know of. No form of internet/mail instruction is able to provide the kind of training required of a professional pianist. Music study requires a school setting - otherwise it would be very difficult to find opportunities for performing and other people to perform with.

-- Jason (, July 21, 2002.

I don't agree. All that is really needed is an excellent piano (or other intrument)teacher that can provide the pedagogy aspect. Someone that will take you under their wing and show you how to teach, how to get started, how to run a successful studio and be their to answer questions if a problem arrises. Then a good university that offers all the theory and literature classes online. I have seen better qualified teachers that did not have a degree in music.

-- pianist (, January 28, 2005.

Well, the other thing is that as video conferencing and other such technologies come down in price, there is less and less need to physically attend any classes.... After all, people have taught themselves from books and tapes and TV courses, now we have DVDs too. I am much less impressed by degrees than I am by actual skill. A degree is only impressive if you respect the institution that granted it.

Probably music, drama, medicine, etc., will be the last to "get on board", mostly due to the need for some direct one-on-one time with teachers--you can't very well practice on a patient at home! But even within these disciplines there are certainly classes that can be taught online or through the traditional correspondence school (i.e. snail mail) method. Where you run into problems is with the school's so-called "residency" requirements (i.e. so many credits taken on-site--their guaranteed income).

-- GT (, January 28, 2005.

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