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Could you please show me a method or a way of fully concentrating and having an efficient practice when you are practicing alone. It seems every time I'm sitting practicing at the piano I can do it only for 20-30 minutes and then I keep playing stuff that I'm good at. I'm currently working on 3 pieces now which are: Chopin Bmin Valse, Satie Gymn.#1 and Bach invention #13. I feel in 30 minutes I'm totally drained or really don't feel I'm having much of a progress I also think It's taking a long time to feel comfortable with some sections and then back to where I started again. Please respond Thanks.

-- Mojtaba Ghahremani (mmojie@juno.com), July 19, 2002


You might look into Madeline Bruser's book "The Art of Practicing" or check out Barbara Lister-Sink's "Freeing the Caged Bird" videos.

-- Jason (jsifford@pianoped.com), July 21, 2002.

Let's say that you have been studying a book for an hour. What should you do to relax? Activate your other brain waves - do something totally different! You'll find that your energy will come back to you very quickly. But if you choose to watch TV or read your mail or something, you're not letting that part of your brain rest.

-- Jaakko Wirtanen (weijage@hotmail.com), October 05, 2004.

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