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Planning a trip to Orlando in late August. Would appreciate any information on freight traffic ( type, frequency, times of day )on the CSX line and any short lines that serve the area. I have a rail traffic map that shows the line to be moderately busy, but websites such as The Bull Sheet seem to indicate that most Q,K,and L series trains run via Baldwin & Wildwood. Thanks in advance to anyone who would care to reply.

-- Dan Wheeler (, July 19, 2002


Current CSX freight trains/traffic in the Orlando,Fl. area can be summed up in the statement: Amtrak rules the track by day; but at night the CSX freights come out to play! Not much happening during the day: usually a couple of unit coal trains to the power plant on the SE side of Orlando travel as time is available/ no definite schedule. Local freight turns out of Taft Yard work during early morning (7:00 - 10:00am) hours. A Jacksonville - Taft Yard freight arrives around noon - 2:00pm, and several "rock" trains make daily round trips to/from the Orlando/Sanford area on a daily basis (northbound around 8:00am and southbound around 6:00pm. The major manifest and intermodal trains operate through the Orlando area at nightime hours. Hopefully, their schedules will change soon!

-- Aaron Dowling (, August 24, 2002.


I believe that this is the link that my old friend Rob was trying to pass stuff, thanks Rob!

Mark Kuehler Orlando, FL

-- Mark Kuehler (, July 23, 2002.

Make that website.

-- Rob Jones (, July 23, 2002.

For additional information with getting around Orlando check out Kevin P. Inscoe's "Florida Railran" websit.

-- Rob Jones (, July 23, 2002.

Dan: CSX is alive and well in Florida...Orlando sees quite a bit of traffic, even though it can't compete with the former "S" line in volume,but there is variety galore. Amtrak, of course runs 4 times daily stopping at Orlando; times of the freights vary somewhat now due to a traffic curfew between 1900-0700 daily during the week for timbering and curve patch relay rail replacement. However, following is apartial list of traffic that I know runs at least daily through the Orlando area: q455-q456, manifest freight originates at Taft, several miles south and intermodal ramp facility that runs q178- q177 and q188-q187(originates/terminates at Tampa); these 2 are intermodal trains; K947-k948, k941-k942-these are unit rock trains from Miami to Benson Jct and Orlando (Conrad Yelvington owns the trains - other runs to Ocala and Tampa, tri-weekly. Then, you might be able to see several switchers that work around the area, based also in Taft, and a transfer run by trackage rights of Florida Central that runs on the old branch through Apopka, Plymouth, Zellwood through to Eustis/Mount Dora/Unatilla area. If you have a scanner, that would help, key on the CSX radio and should be able to keep you informed as to where to find the trains e=when they come through the area. Hope this info helps, good luck and please stay off the safe.

-- Walt Rogers (, July 22, 2002.

"I would like to know when Amtrak's Silver Meteor will start running on the Florida East Coast main line and when will it start running is what I am wanting to know"

that plan has been put off indefinetly... dont look for it any time within the next 5 years. If amtrak even exists past this year is still in question. Personally i think it would be a waste of time to do this

-- troy nolen (, July 20, 2002.

I am planning to go to Florida on Amtrak possibly in December down to either Fort Lauderdale or Hollywood even Miami. I would like to know when Amtrak's Silver Meteor will start running on the Florida East Coast main line and when will it start running is what I am wanting to know.

-- Bradford Paulson (, July 19, 2002.

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