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Armstrong takes Tour de France lead

LA MONGIE, France (Reuters) - Defending champion Lance Armstrong has seized the lead in the Tour de France by outclassing his rivals to win the first mountain stage over 158 kms from Pau to La Mongie.

Helped by a fantastic team effort from his U.S. Postal partners, the three times Tour champion dropped his opponents one by one in the first big climbs of the Pyrenees on Thursday to prove that he was once again the one and only boss in the bunch.

The American surged in the last 200 metres to beat Spaniard Joseba Beloki, who took second place seven seconds behind and looks like the American's only rival for the rest of the Tour.

Armstrong's teammate Roberto Heras of Spain, who led his leader towards an impressive 13th stage victory in the ski resort of La Mongie, was third.

Overall, Armstrong leads Beloki by 1:12 with Igor Gonzalez Galdeano third, 1:48 behind.

-- (, July 19, 2002


Lance Armstrong, amazing guy---a world champ, got cancer, whupped cancer, a world champ again.

-- (, July 19, 2002.

Improved cycle seat?

-- (sniffing@bike.seats), July 19, 2002.

I don't know but I wish he would quit being such a pig and let someone else win for a change.

-- (no fair @ he's. on drugs), July 19, 2002.

Down with Lance, down with Tiger, down with Kobe, down with "excellence" of any kind. "Excellence" is a dangerous concept that stresses winning, self-discipline and dog-eat-dog competition. It is thinly disguised Social Darwinism and is anathema to all who value the self-esteem of the meek.

-- (Algernon C. Braithewait III @ Ptown.MA), July 21, 2002.

Tiger Woods choked, "big time". He ain't no champion like Me and Arnie Palmer.

-- Dumbya (I like sayin big time @ ever since. Dick showed me how), July 21, 2002.

Spoken like a true big time major league paper asshole.

-- (LOL@LOL.LOL), July 21, 2002.

Algae, how do like the guy in the "perfect butt" thread? Is he your type? Do you like your boys to be buffed and oiled and sassy and slutty? Just wondering.

-- (, July 22, 2002.

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