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After receiving info from the Abbey as a result of a SARN, I've noticed that they used umpteen "tracers". Two have provided inaccurate information stating that they had interviewed me and that I refused to give any information re my income. This is completely untrue and the address they give for the person they interviewed has nothing to do with me. However I am concerned that this could portray me in a bad light should I end up in court.

Another Tracer harassed someone with the same name but different address over a period of 12 months (by sending letters and making phone calls).. On their notes to Dibb's they say that they know they've got the right person and that I'm trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

If I SARN these tracers will they have to give me full details of the so called interview with me?? Is there anything to gain by SARN ing them?

Also as my house was undersold, should I SARN the estate agent who sold the house? The Abbey chose a tiny estate agent in a totally different part of the city instead of choosing a local one who would have known the market (area was desirable and houses sold quickly).

Do I have a right to know the name of the person who bought my house?

Any advice is appreciated.

Thanks a lot!

-- scared person (, July 14, 2002


Yes. SARN everyone mentioned.

Read the Do's and Dont's pages in the Repossession section of this site for various bits on what to do with SARN responses.


-- Lee (, July 19, 2002.

Very interesting.

Abbey National Paymentcare sent an insurance investigator to my house to interview me. He talked to me for over two hours and issued a report that I refused to supply any documents, turned "Red" when asked questions, and my claim was suspect. According to his report I did not respond to any questions at all.

I trully wonder why he sat in my house for two hours if I was being so obstructive?

What actually happened was that we talked for two hours, I provided every single document he asked for by running upstairs and back down again each time. If I did indeed turn "Red" when questioned it might have something to do with a lung constriction I suffer from and which makes going up stairs very painful.

Abbey National Paymentcare went on to cancel my mortgage protection policy. But the Insurance Ombudsman did not agree, and awarded me over 26,000 compensation.

Yes, I think you should SARN the investigators. Also, if they have claimed interviews with you which never occured then complain to Abbey National, ask for a deadlock letter, and then complain to the FOS.

Keep Smiling.

-- Michael (, July 19, 2002.

Its too late now, but I think its probably a wise decision that if you are approached by an investigator or debt collector, then ask them to make a proper appointment to see you rather than seeing them when they turn up unannounced. Then arrange for someone to be with you to witness what happens. If anything untoward happens, then have the witness sign an affidavit as to what really happened.

-- pendle (, July 25, 2002.

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