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Hi, About two years ago I read about a female artist who I believe went to graduate school in San Francisco and was also doing exhibits in San Francisco. Her exhibits consisted of very colorful, shiny scenes that took up whole rooms and featured mechnanical-looking flowers and butterflies, bugs hanging from the ceiling, etc. I'm pretty sure that she was Asian-born but I don't remember which country. Can anybody help me figure out her name? Thanks!

-- Vera Fleischer (, July 14, 2002


Think Joyce Hsu may be the artist you're after. She's currently in residence at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin.

-- christopher gray (, August 16, 2002.

who are you?

-- yusuf (, September 24, 2002.

Who am I? Nobody. I just really love her art. And yes, Joyce Hsu is the artist I was looking for. Thanks!

-- Vera Fleischer (, September 24, 2002.

lee Bull, From Japan.

-- benjamin (, March 05, 2004.

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