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I have heard from Larry Goolsby that Seth Bramson's book on the FEC will be out soon. It will be announced here. In the meantime, I believe a book came out within the past several months on the ACL. What is the name of this book, how much is it, and where could I secure a copy?

I also have another question, and perhaps someone could refresh my memory. When my family used to travel between NY and FL, it seems to me that the trip included the train backing into three stations: Richmond, Charleston, and Jacksonville. Does my memory serve me correctly, and were there more?

-- Donald B. Krummrich (, July 14, 2002


After SAL transferred from Main Street to Broad Street Station in Richmond (1959), SAL southbound trains from RF&P headed in and backed out. Northbounds ran by, and backed in.

-- Harry Bundy (, July 15, 2002.

Donald, the list of stations ACL trains (I assume you are speaking of ACL) would have backed into would have depended on the year in question. Some ACL secondary trains backed into the old Charleston downtown station into the late 40s, but none after that - they all used the mainline North Charleston station. All trains backed into Savannah until 1962, when the new joint ACL-SAL station was built west of the city. ACL east coast trains ran straight through Jax Terminal before the FEC strike of Jan. 63 - afterward they backed in. ACL west coast trains had always backed into Jax.

-- Larry Goolsby (, July 14, 2002.

Bill, the book is Atlantic Coast Line, Standard Railroad of the South by our own Bill Griffin available through our Company Store. A real winner !

-- Buck Dean (, July 14, 2002.

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