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I don't know why I suddenly recalled this experience, but here it is.

Some years ago, I walked into this bar. The bartender noticed that I had two black eyes. He asked, "Lars, how did you get those black eyes?"

I replied, "yesterday I was standing in a checkout-line at the supermarket. A shapely gal in front of me was wearing short-shorts that were wedged up the crack in her ass. I wanted to help, so I reached down and pulled the shorts out her crack. She turned around and POW, right in the eye!"

The bartender said "wow Lars, that wasn't fair, but how did you get the second black eye?"

I answered, "I felt so bad about what had happened that I just wanted to make amends. I reached down and stuffed the shorts back into her crack. And POW, right in the other eye!

Is there a moral here?

-- (, July 14, 2002


Confucious say: woman who fry upside down, soon have clack-up.

-- (who likes short shorts @ we like short.shorts), July 14, 2002.

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