Dalmatian wedding traditions/blessings

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Hi, I am Irish and am marrying an American whose family descends from Dalmatia/Croatia. Our wedding is a very traditional Catholic wedding to be held in America. I am doing a great deal to honor my heritage in our celebration. However, I would like to do something to honor his as well, and I have not been able to find anything on traditions or blessings. Many of his family members still visit the region, but I was hoping to make it a surprise rather than ask them for ideas. If anyone knows of anything or of someplace I may be able to find more information, I would greatly appreciate it!

Slainte! Kate Michaelis

PS I have not used these types of message boards often, don't know how regularly they update, so the wedding is September 2002, after that please disregard. Thanks!

-- Kate Michaelis (katemichaelis@earthlink.net), July 14, 2002

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