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Split up with my ex 3 years ago. Was very naive at the time and believed he would be as civil as I was being. We both agreed that he would pay the joint loans, credit cards, etc off instead of Child Maintenamce payments. He said that as he was paying for goods on hp etc, he should get to keep goods in the house. I walked away with child and the clothes on my back.

My ex then made himself bankrupt but not before selling everything in the house, moving in with his girlfriend going on holiday.

All creditors have now come to me for payment and I don't have a stick of furniture to show for it. (I now get CSA payments-but not much and this barely covers child minding fees let alone the debts monthly payments).

I have contacted the court where he made himself bankrupt to ask why they did not contact me to ask how I would be affected for the joint/seperately liable committments and they advised that they didn't have to. I asked if I could get any money from my ex in respect of these debts that I had been landed with and they advised that I could register an interest but as they weren't taking any money from his salary, I wouldn't receive anything.

Is there anything I can do to eventually get some money back off him? Should I have reported/can I still report my goods as stolen as some of the things he sold were financed in my name (and I am still paying for them now).

-- Bev (bev100@genie.co.uk), July 14, 2002


I doubt that you would be able to report your property stolen as you gave it away yourself, it makes no difference that later your ex dishonoured the deal. The best thing you can probably do is to take decent legal advice by the sound of it you are probably entitled to legal aid[if you are not sure most solicitors will advise you over the phone] have you considered bankruptcy yourself?

-- David (Stitsevol@aol.com), July 15, 2002.

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