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Some of you may remember him from the Y2K wars, I communicated with him constantly during that time. It appears he is as astute as ever.

Washington Brief

By Alan Simpson

Big Brother Finally Here - Cause and Effect

The erosions to civil liberties in the New World Order of the United States, and non-citizen rights, pointed out by MILNET obscure a far greater global scenario.

Anyone driving past the 50 caliber machine guns pointed at traffic driving near the Pentagon, and the 14 car motorcade that transports elected officials around Washington, bristling with automatic weapons, and another belt fed machine gun, aimed at innocent civilians lest they throw tomatoes at the motorcade, could be excused in thinking this was a third world dictatorship. The "hail of death" promised by the Secret Service does not discriminate between citizen, or non-citizen.

The legislation attacking, and creating a lesser-rights category pleases the conservative Rednecks, the pillar of the Bush supporters. They would bomb the world into dust, then retire to their back porch, complete with multiple dogs and appliances, and drink Bud Light till dawn.

Unfortunately there is another side to this Great Nation. The side that creates the wealth, not drinks it and regurgitates it behind the bushes. They trade with every nation on Earth, travel the four corners of the globe, visiting factories, offices, and distributors of US products. They know that the bulk of the wealth of this mighty nation is made overseas. Overseas where they are the non-citizens.

They know that whilst the vocal Jews manage the money, the Arabs, and Muslims are the biggest investors of money, on Wall Street. They know how to spell the word "reciprocity", unlike most of the supporters of the Patriot Act, and Yeehaw Bush. To pacify the conservative right the Bush administration has torn up treaties and agreements left, right, and center. The world has either to follow them obediently, or be targeted as an enemy. That only works for so long.

I do not know the breaking point of the world in it's tolerance to the US. It could go on indefinitely, or it could snap later this year. The result will be the spiraling crashing and burning of the US Economy. Then the Rednecks will not be able to afford their Bud Light in the fridge, the working one on the left, not the other three on the right, as the economy has crashed. These laws are created for domestic redneck consumption, for a one term administration with a task dictated by Big Oil. The first trials of Americans under the "Bush Rules of Combat" will bring the US to it's senses.

A useful exercise is to identify the major US Corporations that would be bankrupt without overseas earnings. That is the countries that supply these lesser mortals, not protected under the new interpretation of the US Constitution. Look at the amount of overseas investment that props up this great nation. And for proof turn over items around you, and see where they were manufactured. Laser guided bombs, and landmines excluded.

I am no supporter of Clinton, and Reagan was very good to me. He was a visionary. Treat people as you want to be treated by them. The founding fathers of this nation knew sooner or later there would be a Bush. They were smarter than the average redneck. It's the Economy Stupid!

Alan Simpson

Copyright, 2002, Alan Simpson

-- Cherri (whatever@who.cares), July 14, 2002


Sad, Alan Simpson has become a beer snob.

-- (, July 14, 2002.

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