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Sorry to kep asking so many questions, after spending hours wading through the SARN, it appears that addleshaws have suggested to the Halifax that they quote" push for attachment of earnings"on my husband. any advice ???????


-- amanda barton (, July 14, 2002


My advice to you is to put the lender on the back foot by putting them to strict proof of claim, which means making them produce documents that they haven't included in the SARN bundle (see previous posting). Remember that Addleshaws are only an agent empowered by the Halifax to work on their behalf. It's a case of organ grinder and monkey in effect. Deal directly with the organ grinder and let the monkey go play with himself. Ultimately the decision to take you to court will be the Halifax's alone and they will not venture that far unless they believe they have a very good chance of winning. You can affect that view by perservering with demands for information and questioning their behaviour if it appears flawed eg underselling of property.

-- Gordon Bennet (, July 15, 2002.

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