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I'm planning to model one of the coaches which migrated to the SCL using HO scale Plan 7600 styrene sides available from the Society. ACL and SAL acquired these cars from either C&O or Nickle Plate, and they were distinguished by having fluting only below the window line.

My questions - did any of these cars have window tinting, and if so, what's the best (read- easiest) way to achieve this effect? From what I can tell, the ACL (ex-Nickle Plate) coaches had dull aluminum nameboards and polished stainless window bands, while the SAL (ex-C&O) cars were solid dull aluminum above the fluting; does this sound accurate? Although not critical, if anyone knows a car# of an actual coach of this series to make it into SCL markings, this would help too. This will be my first attempt at carbuilding. Wish me luck.

-- Bob Venditti (, July 12, 2002


I forgot one other series:

C&O 1656-1668 SAL 6242-6251 SCL 5254-5463

Ron Dettmer

-- Ron Dettmer (, July 14, 2002.

The ACL coachs purchased from the Nickel Plate were numbered: NKP 100-103 ACL 260-263 SCL 5250-5253

The ACL Coachs from the C&O were numbered: C&O 1500 ACL 270 SCL 5100

C&O 1600-1609 ACL 271-275 SCL 5101-5105

If you need further Info please let ne know. Diagrams showing the floor plans are available from the society.

-- Ron Dettmer (, July 14, 2002.

Bob, The ACL cars were painted aluminum above the windows.This was the location of the Nickle Plate blue.The window piers were natural unpainted stainless.The SAL cars,on the other hand were painted aluminum from the eaves down to the flutting.Both cars had black roofs.Be careful here,as the window arrangement was different for both railroads/cars.I don't know which cars the society offers.And actually it was not aluminun,but a light grey.Many years ago I painted three brass ex C&O type coaches for SAL and used (what I thought at the time) was SP lettering grey.About four months ago I had a guy in Maine paint the ACL diner,K-D cars for me.He could not find SP grey and I forgot what he used.Never the less the cars look good.

-- Joseph Oates (, July 14, 2002.

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