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How often do you find a movie that is wall to wall with laughter (small ones, big ones, in-between ones), has no "F" words, no digital-techno destruction, no cryptic plot lines and no sad/sick moments. Yet, it is not sappy and sacharine; just a pleasure IMHO.

It was not universally reviewed as the highest artistry. Afterall, it has no intellectual pretensions and no political relevancies (how refreshing). It was not big budget, there are no big stars. It was not hyped by Hollywood but is selling-out by word of mouth.

Here is a favorable review: My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

-- (, July 12, 2002


Another review.

Ebert, 3/4

-- (No kok, pepsi, cheesebugga, cheesebugga, cheesebugga @ the Billy.Goat), July 12, 2002.

Stupid racist stereotypes.

-- (Evangelos@Greektown.Chicago), July 13, 2002.

I saw it, Lars. I liked it well enough to second your recommendation. It has many big laughs where the whole audience roars. However, I think it is fair I should warn people that, by the end, the jokes get kind of repetitive, as they are mostly variations on the same basic joke.

-- Little Nipper (, July 18, 2002.

I agree, but still it was a total pleasure for us. The audience laughter was a big part. The warmth of it all, the good-naturedness, the lack of edginess was most refreshing.

Now, back to There's Something About Mary

-- (, July 18, 2002.

We saw it yesterday, Lars, and enjoyed it.

Couldn't help but think of Anita when they mentioned skulking. : )

-- Pammy (, July 21, 2002.

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