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I never received any correspondence from Nationwide about them repossessing my house as I had already left the house, the first communication I had from them was approx 2 years later demanding the shortfall - could anyone clarify if there is any significance in this. Many thanks

-- lynharl (, July 12, 2002


You don't specify when the property was repossessed. If you left without giving them a forwarding address then I guess their argument would be that they tried and failed to contact you regarding the repossession. In order for them to get the court orders necessary their solicitors would not need to have proof of service for the court summons, and they may well have delivered the summons to the property address anyway if they believed you still lived there.

More to the point is what are you going to do now? My advice would be to read the section on repossession and put them to strict proof of claim. They may have valid resons why there was a delay in repossessing and then selling your property, although your mortgage conditions will most likely state that they are under no obligation to sell a repossessed property (although most lenders do so).

Without more information about the circumstances and dates it is difficult to offer specific help, but you will find this site an invaluable source of assistance and moral support so I don't hesitate to use it.

-- Gordon Bennet (, July 12, 2002.

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