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i need pants but can't find anywhere that sells them big enough

-- Anonymous, July 12, 2002


Go to

Custom made phat pants....

enjoy Jen <3

-- Anonymous, July 14, 2002

Can't find a Store Shop online.... If You got the Green! ... Check under "Gat" "Jnco" "Kik Wear" or "Raver Pants" Pacsun,Hot Topic,GadZooks, check if there in your area. Check Macgear Macs the COOLEST pants. Aslo has Macgear. Don't got the Green? Check a Thrift Or GoodWill Store and check OFTEN... you might get lucky I DID... The Bigger your city the Better your chances! Anything under 30inch openings isn't worth it! Or make your own, if you have a sewing machine. If there is one your house there should be someone who knows how to use it, ask them to show you how. If You sow them By hand Your going to get REALLY tierd of it!

-- Anonymous, August 12, 2002

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