timeframe tht SAL Citrus and Mint & Coral were both in use

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In what years would we have found the SAL using both the Citrus paint scheme and the Mint Green and Coral paint scheme in passenger service ?

-- V. Roger duPont jr. (vrdupont@webtv.net), July 11, 2002


In December 1954 the SAL changed the passenger paint scheme to light green and red.I am going to guess that seeing both schemes at one time only lasted two to three years.SAL was very pro passenger and always wanted the trains to look good.I doubt they wasted much time doing the repaints.Personally,I think it would take a lot of digging to put a final date on it. I have a picture with both schemes on the diesels,but with no date.I too would like to know,so I can date the photo.

-- Joseph Oates (jlosal@mindspring.com), July 14, 2002.

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