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Take 13 of the best sportsbikes of 2002, blend with European sunshine over one of the world’s best tracks, splash with amazing photography and a dash or two of rider skill and you have the recipe for the ultimate shootout - only in the latest issue of MCN, out July 10.

The venue was the fast curves of Assen’s 2.426-mile short circuit in Holland. The contenders were Aprilia’s RSV Mille-R and RS250, Ducati’s 748R and 998R, Honda’s CBR600FS and FireBlade, Kawasaki’s ZX-12R and new 636cc ZX-6R, the MV Agusta F4S, Suzuki’s GSX-R600 and GSX-R1000 and Yamaha’s R6 and R1.

The winner will only surprise those who don’t own one – but there was just fractions in it. So if you own a sportsbike, or you’re thinking about buying one, you won’t want to the test.

This weekend sees the new MotoGP four-strokes make their British GP debut at MCN Donington Park. So to help you get the most from the event there’s a FREE 12-page GP preview, that profiles all the runners and riders, with exclusive pre-race predictions and interviews with all the top men.

There’s all the latest news, sport and features including: pictures of the new MV Agusta F5, world exclusive pictures of the eagerly awaited KTM twin road bike and you can vote for your world’s sexiest bike.

Does anyone have access to this issue and can report on it? The sentence, "The winner will only surprise those who don’t own one." makes me believe the MV's the winner, since most wouldn't expect it to win against the GSXRS, R1/6s, and Honda. I have to know!!!!!!

-- Allan Gibbs (, July 10, 2002


Allan, I believe Kelly bought this one for me over there as well as a new Italian Bike or something like that magazine that has a layout on the F4S. She said she picked it up yesterday and the new MCN always comes out on Wednesday... I'll have her grab one for you if she can.


-- Andy Ruhl (, July 11, 2002.

Sorry Allan but here is the conclusion from the article:

MCN ranking: 1 Aprilia RSV-R 86.2% 2 Yamaha R1 86.0% 3 Susuki GSX-R600 85.9% 4 Suzuki GSX-R1000 85.9% 5 Ducati 998R 84.0% 6 MV Agusta F4S 82.3% 7 Ducati 748R 81.8% 8 Yamaha R6 81.5% 9 Kawasaki ZX-6R 80.4% 10 Kawasaki ZX-12R 80.0% 11 Honda CBR600FS 78.8% 12 Honda CBR900RR 77.2% 13 Aprilia 75.7%

I haven't read it but got the rundown from a UK contact.


-- Matt Thompson (, July 12, 2002.

How does the GSXR600 place in front of the GSXR1000/MV/998 ???

-- Kevin Warner (, July 13, 2002.

Apparently because it actually is a good handling motorcycle, ya think? In pure track testing, hardcore 600's always do well, along with big twins. They are easier to ride.

But don't confuse this with what's best for you. Whatever you feel more comfortable with is the best bike. I've heard time and again that the Ducati 748 is the absolute best bike to learn on, which may be true. The MV isn't so bad either. I know I'm faster on it than my R1, but I haven't timed anything. But judging by lean angles and such, I can say pretty sure that's the way it is.

Anyway, who cares about what Journalists say most of the time? I find a lot of it hard to believe due to money tainting the results.

However, listening to people that really ride, the GSX-R 600 is a very good motorcycle. Nuff said.

-- Andy Ruhl (, July 13, 2002.

Has anyone also seen the pictures of the new F5 that's also suppose to be in that same issue?

-- Allan Gibbs (, July 13, 2002.

I have that copy of MCN and the F5 used what looked like the same body work as the F4 - but will probably be updated for the release later this year. Did well in the 24hr endurance race - 7th I think.

Each of the reviewers on the 13 bike test had their own preferred lists that didn't match the final outcome - but the result was just the average.

-- Rick Chung (, July 20, 2002.

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