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Attn N. Carolina Promoters

I would like to get a hold of promoters in your area for reasons of your possible interest in booking 'emcee trinity' of the Denver, CO based 303 Collective. Some of you may be wondering who that is. Well, he is one of a few mc's that are 'electronically versatile', meaning he adds lyrical stylings to numerous genres. Playing with the likes of DJ DMX, DJ Love (one of the country's foremost 2-step UKG Djs, recognized in cities such as London), Aphrodite (UK), DJ 3D, Dieselboy, Usual Suspects, Danny the wildchild and Phantom 45 to name a few, his reputation as a lyricist is none other than exceptional. Here's the deal. Trinity will be on the east coast, primarily DC and other unspecified cities in North Carolina bewteen August 9-14 before continuing to Salt Lake City for an event. If interested in booking Trinity within that time frame, the only exspense will be his booking fee. Why is this offer up you may ask? Because he's always wanted to play out there. He's heard stories from his DJ (DJ DMX). If you are interested, please send email to the above address...the site is being updated as of now but should be up in no time.

Till then, I just want to say...BIG UP TO NORTH CAROLINA AND ITS SCENE DOWN THERE! I have heard too many good things about it and the people that make it what it is and who it is. Peace and light.

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2002


I sure hope Chris got a response while out there! ;)

*Love for the South*

David DJ DMX ENIGMA Afterhours/Denver New Zealand Hard House Tour November 2002 !!

-- Anonymous, October 12, 2002

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