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Shortfall of 27,000 owing. Have offered 2000 lump sum full and final payment to Evesheds who have replied requesting I complete the I/E form so that their client can consider my offer. Could anyone give me any suggestions on how to reply to this, I don't want to complete these forms but not sure how to word this to Eversheds? Thanks

-- Lynharl (, July 09, 2002


I have a shortfall of approx 50k and am trying to write off the debt. I have a solicitor acting on my behalf and instead of filling in the IE form she has suggested that i show proof of my income in the form of a copy of my benefit book, this is along with other supporting documents which explains why the debt should be written off.

Otherwise, reading this website it does say that don't fill in the IE form but i suppose it depends on each individual circumstances.

I hope someone will be able to tell uyou mre on this..

-- B Gill (, July 09, 2002.


Your comment of "I have a shortfall of approx 50k and am trying to write off the debt" speaks volumes for the sort of people the users of this bulletin board are......... "please (insert name of Building Society here), I know I owe you a lot of money but quite frankly I don't want to pay because you should make a special case for me... I don't believe in paying my way and am happy to sit back and do nothing.... Please write off my 50k debt.. why? Because I am on benefits that's why.. look, here's my benefits book! Never mind the fact that my circumstances might take a turn for the better some months down the line... Even if I do get a job (unlikely I know, I could get quite used to sponging off the state and living on the taxes that hard working people pay)I will probably pretend to be unemployed as I really do not want to pay this debt.... By the way (insert name of Building Society here), thanks for being stupid enough to lend me the money in the first place.... Excuse me whilst I go off dancing into the sunset with your 50 grand burning a hole in my back pocket..

What an arrogant way to talk by the way! "am trying to write off the debt". You say it as if you have a god given right for the debt to be written off. What you mean to say is "I am trying to con them into writing off the debt as they are a set of mugs".

You lot make me puke.

-- Owen Money (, August 17, 2002.

It depends a little on how strong they think their case is. If the claim is partly made up of MIG payout over six years old for example then I think they are blowin in the wind.... I don't know how you phrased your offer of 2000, but if you consider their claim to be at least partially dodgy then if I were you I would hold my ground and simply repeat your offer. Tell them that you are under no obligation to complete their I&E form but would of course reveal your personal & private financial details to a court if instructed to do so.

-- Gordon Bennet (, July 10, 2002.

Before you come over all 'holier than thou' Owen Money, (a ridiculous moniker of course but we'll let that pass) I would bet real money that you employ an accountant to help you evade/ avoid tax or if you don't that you don't declare the totality of your income from the properties you claim to own. Most of the people who post on this site have been caught out by a bunch of con artists aka. The Tory Party, who so successfully ran UK plc in the early 90's that interest rates doubled and thousands of companies went to the wall, with hundreds of thousands of jobs. Faced with such criminal incompetence is it any wonder that most of us are angry and unwilling to 'pay our debts' as you put it? There is a big difference between accepting a just penalty for the consequences of one's own actions, and having to bail out the Financial Services industry as a result of it's corporate cock ups. Stop crying crocodile tears for the lenders. They have written off all of these debts against tax anyway, and as capitalism's big players they are well able to take a few knocks. Finally, what is the point of saddling people with debt that they will spend the rest of their lives trying to pay? They will be much less of a drain on social resources if they are helped to get back on their feet. Do us all a favour Bigshot, piss off and bore the pants off your pals at the pub or wwherever it is you hang out, and leave this site to people who are willing to offer positive help to those in trouble.

-- Gordon Bennet (, August 19, 2002.

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