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Hi, Could anybody please point me to some teachers who teach the Violin in Pune. I have no prior learning in Carnatic but am an avid reader and listener of carnatic music. I want to learn it since this instrument touches my heart. Im 25 yrs of age now and am working. But i believe that to learn music, age is no bar. So anybody out there who could help me out..

Regards, Dilip

-- Dilip K Menon (mkdilip@yahoo.com), July 09, 2002


respected sir, in response to ur advertisement i wish to apply for the post as a violin teacher.in the month of oct. i will go pune for my research work(that is situated inpune university )my details are given below-; i passed b mus with honours in vocal(hindustani)classical music from rabindra bhatari university(kolkata0securing first with high rank. passed m.mus in (violin0instrument classical music from rabindra bharati university with first class ranking 3rd position. during my collegdays i have been taking active interestin extra carricular activities like playing western music in piano, western violin musical seminars etc. i have got an opportunity to learn south indian music on violin from champak valli andnorth indian music from ptd V.g jog and western music grade5from subhash seal . i have taken talim on harmonium from ptd. v.j.jogfor many years.i have an opportunity to accompany on harmonium with india's few great exponents like pt. a.t.kanan.rajan sajan mishra, shobha mudgal, ustad gulam mustafa khan.smt.sunanda patnaik. at present i am playing violin under the guidence of my guruji ustad ashish khan and his sister amina parera. i have every confidence in my ability to satisfy you with my honest and sincere labour if you select me for the purpose of teaching.hoping that you would be able to grant my request. thanking you, paramita acharya.

-- paramita acharya (devspa100@yahoo.co.in), September 21, 2002.

Dear Sir,

In response to your request I would like suggest the name of my Guruji, Faiyaaz Hussain. I my myself have been taking violin lessons from him. But I would like to add that he teaches Hindustani Classical. His phone number is 4334943. Regards, Mahesh

-- Mahesh (tomahesha@yahoo.com), October 23, 2002.

Hi Dilip, My dad is a very good violinist in carnatic music. If you wish to go ahead with the learning, or just wish to listen, please come over to our place some time. The address is as below,

B2, 103, Lunkad Colonnade, Viman nagar, Near ICICI ATM, Pune.

Ph: 6630221

Regards Nagendra

-- Hi (c_v_nagendra@yahoo.com), May 11, 2003.

for learn violin see web side and meet


-- johar ali (joharviolin@yahoo.co.in), July 02, 2003.

Even I too am interested in carnatic music (violin) and I already have some basics. I have stopped it due to my job and now in Pune, I have time to learn it and I want to learn violin in carnatic music.

Please give me some pointers.

saiys@yahoo.com 9850434908

-- Yanamandra Sai Saravana (saiys@yahoo.com), December 16, 2004.

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