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Gotta start with cheap baloon bread. You know, the gooey white stuff. Slather one side with a quarter inch of Skipy Creamy P-nut butter then layer lettuce over that. Has to be at least half an inch of care fully layered. Need moisture here. Top with one slice of American cheese. Slather the other bread slice lightly with Miracle Whip. Extra moisture from saliva glands with this stroke of genius. Enjoy.

-- Carlos (, July 08, 2002


Have seen varients that expouse putting the cheese next to the bread on one side and the lettuce next to the other. Maybe less squishy but it loses something on the flavor mix when cruching.

-- Carlos (, July 08, 2002.

When I was a youngin' those many years ago, my fav sandwich was a marshmallow cream sandwich on Rainbow Bread. Yeppers! Now I don't even like sandwiches much-LOL! Except for maybe a good Rueben now and then!

Hub has the weirdest one I ever heard of. He likes banana sandwiches on buttered toast-yecchhhh! I can't even stand the smell of banana peels!

Yours is pretty weird Carlos, I'll have to admit.

-- Aunt Bee (, July 09, 2002.

Mmmm, good one! I see we have a similar appreciation for the versatility of peanut butter, it tastes great in combination with a huge assortment of foods. I prefer Jif, but Skippy ain't too shabby.

Most of my favorite combos begin with the half-toasted rye bread. Then you sprinkle the toast liberally with Louisiana Hot Sauce, Jalapeno sauce, or Tabasco. Apply peanut butter to one side and Miracle Whip to the other (we are in agreement here as regular mayonaisse doesn't compare).

Then the toppings; some of my favorites are, bread and butter pickle chips, sliced olives, baco bits, and crumbled barbecue potato chips. Any combination is good or you can just stuff all of it in there.

Almost any topping you can think of will go well with the peanut butter, but the most important part is the core foundation of rye bread with the PB, Whip, and hot sauce.

-- oooo yeah (, July 09, 2002.

Velveeta + spam on Wonder White bread, mmmmmum.

-- (, July 09, 2002.

Chop up some sweet red onions and sauté in real butter.

Take a good wheat grain bread and toast to taste.

Apply real butter to one half and real mayo to the other.

Spread cooked onions generously over toast and enjoy!!

-- Send (mo@money.please), July 09, 2002.

Bout 30 y ago, I had a new grad student from SE Asia start in my group. His favorite: Take two slices of white bread; cover one with a lot of peanut butter and the other with lettuce. Fill up the tween with whole sardines packed in tabasco sauce.

I am a little more modest. Lightly toasted bread, peanut butter, a small avacado sliced and some thinly sliced sweet onion and, of course, some Panola Cajun.

Best Wishes,,,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, July 09, 2002.

peanut butter and pickled jalapeno slices

-- (my mouth@is.watering), July 09, 2002.

I forgot that Saint Louis tradition.

Brain Sandwich

I had one 30 y ago to try it. It is, somewhat, unique.

Best Wishes,,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, July 09, 2002.

If you want to try this delicacy, two places, Fergusons and the Back Door still make them. ;<)))

Lowlife Dining

Best Wishes,,,,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, July 09, 2002.

Never thought about sardines. Will report back.

-- Carlos (, July 09, 2002.

I just had a couple of thoughts, from one extreme to the other sotaspeak. James Beard often said his favorite sandwich was a thinly sliced on on good french bread, spread with fresh sweet (unsalted) butter, sprinkled with salt and freshly ground pepper.

On the other end, I remember growing up, when my mother used to get pissed at one certain brother, she used to slip cold mashed potato sandwiches into his lunch bag. Imagine trading THAT-LOL!!

-- Aunt Bee (, July 09, 2002.

cold taters - phew!

My sandwich is a goodie, but one that we 'shouldn't' eat. Stottlemeyer's in Pasadena used to make a "Lucky Luciano" on an Italian roll, with various salamis, provolone, sweet red peppers, marinated onions . . . I can't even remember what else, but I often might be sorely tempted to sell my birthright {Yo - Esau!}. Anyone seen eve? Seriously?

-- flora (***@__._), July 09, 2002.

Flora, wish I could say I've seen Eve... but can't. Your description of your fav reminds me of a yummy one I haven't had in years from a local joint called Philly's Finest (although Unk would probably disagree!) consisting of grilled ribeye, smoked provolone, grilled onions and peppers sweet or hot(hot for me!)dripping, on some of the most delicious homemade rolls you ever et, (with au jus of course)! Thanks for the sensory memory flora!

-- Aunt Bee (, July 09, 2002.

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