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-- TP (, July 08, 2002


The most amazing part of the picture is...a working MV rear stand! hehe. Nice pair you have there. Do you have room for Brutale sisters?

-- mod (, July 09, 2002.

You know, those Senna wheels would look really nice on a red/silver MV.

Nice set. How to they compare to each other? :)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, July 08, 2002.

Funny you mentioned the wheels because thatís the one thing that I have never really liked about the Senna from the start. I was thinking about replacing them, because they (and the red frame) are a bit to flashy for me. I really wanted that flat black SPR.

As for the bike itself I think its great. One thing and I maybe wrong but I think MV rushed some of the Sennaís out. I say this because some of the parts that are supposed to be Carbon Fibre arenít. On mine the air tubes arenít but are supposed to be. My dealer called and asked if my front fender was carbon or not (part of it is the air foil part isnít) because MV is sending out new ones for those that arenít. So Iím wondering if theyíll be replacing my air tubes with carbon ones down the line(parts shortages??).

Anyway performance wise while the Senna is definitely an improvement over my 01 Strada, Iím not sure about how it compares to the 02ís. But comparing to my 01 the Senna builds revs a lot more quickly and smoothly. Out the box it feels like my Strada felt after I hit 13K miles. The characteristics of the engine are a lot different (for the better) also. At low speeds there is a bit of mechanical noise but as the revs pick up the engine sounds like the parts tighten up and then the bike just goes!!! This sounds great especially when you roll off the throttle and things loosen up. Speaking of sounds the RG3 pipes are fantastic. They arenít overly loud but are louder than the stock pipe of my Strada and sound a lot better and stronger when you start the bike. The dealer had the RG3 pipes on when I bought the bike so I really canít say how much of a difference they make over the stock pipes performancewise. Also the Senna has a 39 sprocket while my Strada has a 41. It also heats up just as fast as before

The suspension seems to be a lot better also. The bike as a whole feels stiffer and smaller. Iíve jumped between the two bikes and while the spec sheets donít show a change the Senna has less room in the seat. Iím 5í10Ē 190lbs and on the Senna Iím right up on the tank where as on the Strada I have a bit more room. Back to the handling the 180 rear on the Senna makes a big difference over the 190 on the Strada as the Senna just flips over quicker, but is still as stable as before. Red wheels aside I really donít have any complaints

I don't understand the complaints about the MV stand. Only now after a year have I started having problems with the first one not sliding in good. but I'm having an aluminum end made for it so that it slides in as easy as a new one. Never had any problems getting the bike on or off the stands by myself.

And I've got room for the Brutale sisters as well as F5 sisters. The question is if I've got the cash!! ^_^

-- TP (, July 09, 2002.

First, the stand... I've got no complaints other than the fact that it IS tough to slide in, after only 2 months. Any suggestions as to a lubrication to use (WD40, Teflon spray...)? 2nd, Senna handling... I think a major factor is that 180 rear. I ride a 2002 1+1, and the Senna I've ridden does feel more "flickable"...

-- Larry Nipon (, July 09, 2002.

guess I was lucky because I didn't have a problem with my stand until recently and that has been over a year. I tried WD40 and a bunch of other stuff that didn't help. So now I'm having an aluminum replacement end made. My dealers dad works with the stuff and he had had him make an end to convert a Ducati stand for the MV so we are going to see if this will work for the standard MV stand.

I think the 180 rear is a big factor but I also think the they've changed the suspenion (springs, oil...????) because even in a straight line the bike feels different.

-- TP (, July 10, 2002.

Forget that stock stand! Get the Pit Bull stand...

I know I sound like a broken record, but these stands really are much better than stock and at $150 is very much worth the money.

You may have a point about the suspension. The Senna is the only one with a nitrided fork, so maybe they changed the shock as well.

Thanks for confirming that the 180 is a better choice. I'm going to get a 180 on there next time for sure.

You didn't happen to get this bike in Tucson did you?


-- Andy Ruhl (, July 11, 2002.

Nah I got it in Chicago. I've been looking around but can't find any info aboutthe internals of the Senna/SPR forks. but you can feel the difference right away.

I'll see how the replacement ends I'm having made work. If they do the job then I'll most likely stick with the stock stand as its pretty easy for me to use and they tack up less space. but i've already looked at the pit bulls

-- TP (, July 11, 2002.

You cannot look at sprocket rear only. 2001, 2002 models and senna's have different primary and secondary drives look at the pdf data of these years. strada 2001 strada 2002 senna 2002 prim 50/79 (1.58) 47/81 (1.72) 47/81 (1.72) sec 14/41 (2.92) 15/40 (2.66) 15/39 (2.60)

a little prog shows the charts (also tire change) for you when you fill them in:

-- hb (, July 12, 2002.

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