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Who's going to cook my food?

Real question: My wife and I arrive in Denver on Friday night and will drive up to the Rocky O on Sat morning. We plan to camp, hopefully at Yellow Pines. Is there a store in the vicinity of the O locations to pick up camp stove fuel, e.g., white gas or Primus cannisters? Or should we look for something in Denver - like REI?

Extra bonus question: My wife has to leave after the sprint on Sunday and so needs to get back down to DIA. Can you provide me a link or more info on the shuttle service between the airports? Better yet, is anyone else heading back to DIA on Sunday afternoon?

Thanks, Tom

-- Tom Carr (, July 08, 2002


The Wal-Mart in Laramie is pretty close by, and is the obvious first place to turn for most ordinary needs. There are additionally several stores in Laramie offering more specialized outdoor gear, and one I could recommend trying would be the Cross Country Connection (2nd and Grand, downtown).

But no need to cook your own bagels from scratch. Instead, head for Bagel Makers on North 3rd, a few blocks north of downtown.

-- Mikell Platt (, July 08, 2002.

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