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I have just purchased a used popcock sculling. Never rowed a sliding seat before. I have a few concerns that maybe someone could help me with. The last two digits on the serial number are 85. Is this the year it was built? I don't see how this boat will stay afloat if capsized. How does one upright it. Has anyone added flotation to this wherry? How much chop or wakes will this craft handle. I will be using it in Lake Tahoe after i figure out how to get it on my truck. Do I trucktop it on it's gunwhales or on it's hull? Is it possible to convert this boat to a fixed seat craft? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, John Mayfield (

-- john mayfield (, July 07, 2002


I used to row one of these years back.

I don't know Pocock's numbering scheme,but you're probably right about the date of this boat. You can find more out at

This boat may or may not stay afloat if capsized, but you certainly won't be able to either get into the boat or row it. This makes it a risky choice for rowing on a body of water as large as Tahoe. I strongly encourage you to pick your days and stay close to shore (where all the interesting stuff is anyway.)

The good news is that these boats are almost indestructible. It sounds like you have racks on your truck? If so, then absolutely put it on gunwale down.

I am sure that you could convert this to a fixed seat craft, but it is likely to be a fair amount of trouble. You can always row it without moving your seat. It is long enough to support the power of the sliding seat, so I would just stick with what you've got. You'll get used to the sliding seat in time.


-- Doug Kidder (, July 07, 2002.

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