I Need Disney's Beauty and the Beast, etc..

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Hello, Do anybody have Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin (A Whole New World), and Lion King (Can You Feel The Love Tonight)? If you do, please reply and tell me where I could get it..I kinda prefer if it is downloadable or printable so its easier for me. Thank You

-- Jennifer Nguyen (lylbludragon@hotmail.com), July 06, 2002



Hi everybody doog day, and have a nice day................... i am marlon from philipines i would like the lyric, and piano piece for that song... thanks u very much

-- Marlon Lamprea (mcl21us@hotmail.com), August 10, 2002.


i have a piece of that song i will send it to your email........

-- eric arinsol (resty1980@yahoo.com), November 04, 2003.

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