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Ball Point Pen Art is a New Art Medium, American Folk Art and World Class Art Movement. Our location is here on the Web. Ball Point Pen Art is introducing the Half Tone made with an oil-based ink and now is in multi-colors. What role does Ball Point Pen Art play in your artworks?

-- Jerry Stith (, July 06, 2002


Pen & Ink

Greetings Art World, Iím Jerry Stith of Ball Point Pen Art here on the Web. Ballpoint pens are part of the Pen & Ink medium or art movement. Our ballpoint pen is the only oil-based ink system on the market. Today billions of ballpoint pens are sold annually or more than any other pen in history.

The ballpoint pen is the most manufactured pen in manís history. There are billions of people using them worldwide for writing and drawing. Their more sturdy than any other pen, have a great ink supply and oil-based ink. The ballpoint pen is the best instrument for the carbon copy which changed the world.

Having a sturdy pen, ink supply, oil-based ink, extra fine tip, colored inks and used for writing popularized itís purchase. Our pen lines are camera-ready and produce a half tone. All other pen systems use water based inks and canít develop a half tone line. That half tone and colored inks advanced and change the Pen & Ink art world forever.

Filling in backgrounds or large spaces take massive lines even with a bold tip. The extra fine tip produces the half tone or sharpest camera-ready line in art history. The oil-base delivery system works and releases less ink on target. Having a half tone line and colored inks really makes my job much more fun. Let the inks flow! thank You, Jerry & Linda Stith

-- Jerry & Linda Stith (, January 24, 2003.

Our Greatest Pen in History

Greetings Art World, Today I would like to address the wonderful blessings of the BallPoint Pen and it's oil-based ink system. To most of the world, Biro is still the generic name for the ball-point pen. Like the Hoover, the Biro is named after its creator, a Hungarian born journalist, Laszlo Josef Biro. Biro was a man of many accomplishments, painter, writer, sculptor, medical student, hypnotist and inventor. He invented a reliable automatic gearbox that he sold to the Ford Motor Company. For commercial reasons, Ford buried the idea. Laszlo and his brother George patented the Biro pen in 1938. In 1940, as war engulfed Europe, the Biro brothers immigrated to Argentina, where a fresh patent was applied for in 1943.

The Biro contained a tiny ball-bearing in its tip, and this rotated picking up ink and applying it to the paper. John J. Loud took out a patent for a similar product in 1888, but it was never developed commercially and had faded into obscurity. The British Government bought licensing rights for the pen for the RAF. Pilots had complained that fountain pens leaked at high altitudes, and the new pen, with its special thick ink, worked. The Biro was a success. Branded the "Eversharp CA" for Capillary Action, the pen sold successfully in Buenos Aires. Eversharp began preparations for an American invasion.

The ballpoint pen has been the greatest selling pen in man's history and today sells more than ever before. The ballpoint pens new design revolutionized our pen history and changed humanity in many profound ways. The pen design and new amazing oil-based inks became the world favorite writing and art instrument. The ballpoint pen next advanced the world by making the best carbon copies. Never has there been such a wonderful carbon copy instrument available, which takes in all other pen systems or even the pencil. The pen was sturdy enough to make dark, clear and sharp carbon copies, which in turn changed the business and governmental sectors around the word.

The expanded usage or sales indicates the world's satisfaction with the ballpoint pen and it's ink. The ballpoint pen has been around for 65 years and never have I heard reports about the inks fading on the billions of reports, letters or documents written with them. Otherwise sales and production wouldn't be on the increase over the decades.

The third amazing feature of the ballpoint pen is it's oil-based inks half-tone lines. The ballpoint pen is the one and only pen in history and can change from a full tone line to a half-tone line simply by changing pressure to the page. In the art world that is totally amazing and has never been available with water-based inks. Those half-tone lines are the most subtle, detailed camera-ready lines in art history. The half-tone lines are perfect for starting, polishing, coloring or finishing an ink drawing. It puts all other inks or pen systems to shame in this field of interest. The ballpoint pens half- tone line is by far the greatest detail-making pen in the world. Its oil-based inks produce the most powerful dark rich colors of all pen systems.

The lack of colors has always held back the Pen & Ink Art mediums throughout history. Nature arrives in real live colors and so should the art mediums, which are used to reflect natureís wonders. People love colors and won't settle for less in the long run. That's why TV's, computers, movies and publications all converted to color from black & white.

People like black & white pictures or objects yet absolutely love them in color. Take a look around the world and see for yourself. The Pen & Ink Art movement never before had dark rich colors or a half- tone line in their art works. That makes up two thirds of a picture and represents the superiority of the ballpoint pen over all other systems. The ballpoint pen can produce detailed drawings as other pens systems yet surpasses them in those two vital area's of interest to our art world.

I'm an artist and realize colors; half tones and dark drawing lines are what make up the greatest pictures of the past. Youth, young adults and all other walks of life can and do use the ballpoint pen daily around the world. The ballpoint pen has it's own ink supply, doesn't spill or have messy bottles of inks to carry, break or leave behind. It's portable, works in many angles as well as underwater. The ballpoint pen's tips aren't flat, weak, and breakable or leak upon impact if dropped.

Ballpoint pen ink is camera-ready or suited for art production or production art. Most ballpoint pens last the average users for months or up to a year. They're inexpensive or expensive depending on what your needs or interests. The ballpoint pen is sold in many different places and isn't a specialty pen of inferior traits. I keep hearing other pen users telling me about their wonderful pens and what they can do. They don't have dark colored inks and can't do half tones nor do they sell by the billions annually.

In the art world quills controlled the market for about the first thousand years worldwide. Then came along the fountain pen, which is the next best pen in history when it comes to usage or sales. Ball Point Pen Art is completed with a ballpoint pen an amazing addition to the Pen & Ink art world. The Ballpoint pen's half tone is the greatest detailed art line in history and takes the pen world to the higher level of sophistication. The ballpoint pen's half tone has produced a new mark of excellence in the drawing world.

Our duty and job as ballpoint pen artists is to build and expand the pen & ink art movements short comings. Most other art mediums come in colors and can produce a halftone. Yet, those two major drawing features never took place with pen artists till the ballpoint pen came along. The ballpoint pen makes up it's own art medium and art movement as never before. The ballpoint pen has the greatest number of users in history; therefore it makes up the largest art movement.

Many other pen artists haven't come to terms with our superior pen sales, rich dark colors or fantastic half-tone lines. Nor do they want to realize the impact of the ballpoint pen in history or honor the people drawing with them. Artists have to approach the real world more as businessman approaches and deal with the facts before them if change or advancement is their goal. That most likely would influence the world in how we get looked at by others. Most artists aren't perceived as being on top of their game but more as a hobbyist or another wannabe, not worth something till their archived or dead. That purely represents the demise of the artists and everything they represent. The world wont take artists serious till they get more sophisticated or educated of the world's ways.

If you have a society that thinks artists are flacks, not worth something till their dead or archived, then what? New cars, computers, electronics are great because there the latest most advanced things or the best. Yet, in the art world newness is looked upon as being bad, unworthy and unproven. That portrays the downfall of the artists and turns people away from the art world. It makes artists look at the further as a train wreck in the makings. People always say; if you become an artist expect poverty and failure as a person. Well, what kind of motivation does that present the person as an artist?

Please, try to remember the commercial artists generate a greater neat income than the oil industry. Our commercial artist brothers are more organized and protected than most fine artists are. Yet the credit and lionís share of the profit goes to the company running the show. However, their weekly or hourly pay far exceeds the average fine artists. Portrait artists in good places received 50-75-100 dollars an hour or per portrait. Gold, brown and black Pen colors really helped this area of interest and makes a hit with the portrait setters. Commercial artistís salaries or pay scales are often greater than the fine artists are. Sometimes they might be doing the same activity or project!

The ballpoint pen's sales or production provides us with evidence of it being the very best Pen in history. Its sales, functions or popularity tells us of its greatness. The ballpoint pen's half tone or full tone lines are the greatest advancements in pen history. We artists have the opportunity to advance the pen & ink art movement or art world with our detailed drawings. I'll be recorded in art history as the person that brought color and detail to the pen & ink movement or art world. I am not concerned if ballpoint pen ink or my artworks get archived after my death. I'm however very concerned about introducing Ball Point Pen Art to the world or public at large.

History records the founder or leaders of ever-major art movement throughout time. Their art, programs or words become archived, recorded or logged in art history for the advancements made during their lifetime. That's the most important thing and artist could possibly do within their time here on earth. It's what we do while we're alive that counts not what people do with our things after death. If you make art history while you're alive it will remain thereafter with or without your permission. It's not something a person can take away or change. It remains permanent or fixed in art history as a God given blessing, amen.

With that in mind, I perused my adventures as an artist and founder of a new art program called Ball Point Pen Art, BallPoint Pen Art or ballpointpenart! Let the inks flow, as a ballpoint pen artist and make a difference while you're alive and doing well.

Yours truly,

Jerry & Linda Stith

-- Jerry & Linda Stith (, September 13, 2003.

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