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Could you please tell me if their is such a thing as metorite shower by the name of gemini and when will the next metorite shower occur.

-- Linda D. Follrod (, July 04, 2002


I am glad to tell u tat a metorite shower by the name of gemini do exists. i am not a astrologist, but i am glad to tell u tat i am upon one of the many fortunate ones to have watched this metorite shower. They are often described to be stars with a tail, with the tail disappearing and appearing again. I saw it last year at one of Singapore's Offshore Island, Pulau Ubin Campsite(The beach) about 5Km away from the quary when i was there for a camp, and the night was so clear, the moon bright enought to provide sufficient light for us to travel in the dark. Unfortunately, i can't tell you when the metorite shower will strike again, however, if you are interested, we can become email pals to discuss matters regarding metorites. =)

-- Charmaine (, April 07, 2003.

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