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I want to buy new or used under the counter coffee maker, ( needed parts for my Black & Decker. )

-- Jerry Sheers (, July 04, 2002


I have a perfect working under counter B&D but missing the coffe filter holder. will sell mine or buy the holder Thanks

-- (, December 01, 2002.

I have one, but would like to keep it if I can find the brackets that mont it to the cabinet. The ones I have mount it to the wall. If any one has the cabinet brackest, I would buy them, or if I can not find them, I will sell our unit and buy a new one. What price are you interested in? Phil

-- Phil Myers (, December 30, 2002.

I have the brackets for the black and decker under the counter . It is an older model I just took down this weekend. My coffee maker was almond colored, and now I can't find an almond colored one to match my appliances. If you want these, contact me ASAP.

-- roy nyquist (, January 31, 2003.


-- mARIE mENDOZA (, June 01, 2003.


BLack and Decker sells a under-the-counter can opener, toaster oven and coffee maker - but only the can opener and toaster oven come in BLACK color .. the coffee maker comes in only white ???

I want black appliances .. what is the logic behind having only a white coffee maker.

I called B&D but they don't seem interested with my observation ???

Please advise .. but send me a email

Thanks in advance!!!

-- Paul (, June 06, 2003.

Parts for Black and Decker appliances may be obtained at 1-800-258- 6003.

-- John Tucker (, January 06, 2004.

I have the spacemaker almond 401 model which the carafe is the same as the 403 model - my machine is all fine except I dropped the carafe and broke the tip and have not been able to find a replacement for it - if anyone has a machine that does not work or they don't use and would like to sell the carafe - please let me know - thanks Cathi

-- Cathi Batchelor (, October 21, 2004.

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