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My question is about fisheye lenses? I am into filming skateboarding and freestyle biking where fisheye lenses and death lenses are oftenly used. I am considering getting one, but I do not know much about them. Any information you could tell me would be useful.

-- Justin Bohl (, July 03, 2002


Century Optics. they make a great .3. they even make one for ultra compacts like my dcr-pc9. i bought one and it's vignetting. the newer mkII from Century Optics has a lense gaurd. i film skateboarding as well and so far it's proven to be a great lense. expect to spend about 900 bones one one for a vx-1000 or gl1, or about 350 for the smaller version. i would stay away from kenko, but they ARE cheap... IR Optics makes a .4, but i've never used one. i'd be interested hear any comments on people that have. Century Optics is the undisputed champion of the death lense. if you want the best, go with them...

-- GoD. (, July 08, 2002.

i have uses a ir death lenses and they are good. i bouaght a good .42x for only $40. i usaulaly find them in like littel electromnic stores owned by soem armel fellows. but ya, i recommend them, jsut dotn get the ones with the polarized cover thing, they leave eitehr a littel bit of a green tint, or a hell of a lot of blue tint. so ya.

-- aaron Ruiz (, May 06, 2003.

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