what happend here in the charlotte area?

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Alright i started going to these events , raves , parties whatever about three years ago. scence then i have had trouble finding a party every weekend. i remember standing in line for ever and ever and the "PUSH" at the door. going out of state is alright but it seem like my friends and myself keep going futher and futher away from home for parties WHERE ARE THE PEEPS IN THIRE MASSES? clubs are okay, but the people going seems to be getting smaller and smaller each year. is it just me? where do i have to go? i know about the new law but still WTF? don't eat the clovers!

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2002



-- Anonymous, July 05, 2002

the scene is not dead yet, myself and a few friends have just dedicated ourselves to saving the scene in charlotte! soon it will be back, it's coming don't lose hope! if you want to know more keep an eye out, we're working hard to make it happen!

-- Anonymous, July 07, 2002


-- Anonymous, July 07, 2002

i agree with md visionary.? it is important to keep it alive. i was not here for the good old days that everyone always talks about . i got involved in the scene a few months ago, and i am 23, out of college, etc. the scene was not all that i hoped for. i expected plur and actual raves and good people, not A BUNCH OF SHADY DRUG DEALERS and backstabbers. that was what i found but i hung in there for what it means to me and the music and what it should be....now i have met some of the coolest kids on earth. they have become like my family and we are now working to make the scene better in charlotte. kep your chin up and remember that the scene is what we make it. if we believe in it and go to parties, throw parties, spread a good vibe, etc., then it will be cool. but if all of the cool kids quit going cuz we're discouraged it really will disappear...sorry to ramble, but hang in there. plur, a:)

-- Anonymous, August 01, 2002

Hi, I know where there is a pretty cool place to hang, if u r still interested, email me @ i'll give u directions. Did any of u every hang out @ midnight til six ?

-- Anonymous, May 17, 2003

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