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OK, here's my nightmare. I saw a new black F4 advertised in a motorcycle sale paper here in Holland. I had never seen a black bike before so I thought I would go check it out. When I got to the dealer I saw he had seven MVs in stock. I saw a black SPR sitting in the back and went crazy. I asked the dealer if both black bike were new 2002 models and he said yes. After I got back I went to his web page to download all the information he had on the bike so I would have it for my records. After a couple of weeks I went to buy the bike. I picked it up and took it home. Once I got home I noticed that the kick stand didn't stay down. Kind of funny on a 2002 bike since they fixed that this year. I thought that since it was a SPR it was different. I then got curious about the VIN number. I posted a reply here and got the VIN breakdown. Not only is my bike not a 2002, it's not even a 2001. My bike is a 2000 model. I called the dealer and he told me that MV sells the bikes as the model year they are purchased. I don't believe MV would do that!!! After talking to him several times and explaining to him that I paid full price for a two year old bike he didn't seem to care. He then told me my bike was a 2001. I tried to explain to him that the VIN number is still 2000 and that is what counts. He didn't agree and said he called the Holland MV importer. He told me the MV rep told him that the bike was built in 2001 but sells as a 2002. As I said before I downloaded all the info he had on the bike from his web page. I went back and looked at it. He has it advertised as "bouwjaar 2002". Translated this means "build year 2002". I have contacted a lawyer but he is on vacation till the 15th of this month. Do you all think I sould take this up with MV since he is acting on their behalf? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-- Scott Armstrong (, July 03, 2002


Go for it... prosecute the bastards for all they are worth, and whats more, take it up with MV and get them remove this organisation as a dealer. Also, take it up with Hollands consumer watchdog and report them for fraudulent practices and deceptive sales and marketing.

You should at least get what you paid for, or your money back.

See if you can find out who this dealers wholesaler/importer is, and report them for fraudulent practices.

Did you deal with the sales person, or the manager. If just the sales person, go and see the manager and push him to make good with their obligations.

Good luck...

-- Rob (, July 03, 2002.

Hi Scott,

I know which dealer you are talking about. He is a personal friend of the Dutch MV importer, which is a fully owned dought from MV spa italy. If your purchase sheet tells it is a 2002 model you have something against them. But if it says only new bike and no sign of model year, i think you will have a hard time. They take profit of the scarce delivery from italy. His own bike has Y in the serial and is a 2000 model. A late 2001 build model should have the 1 infront of the V (varese factory) and can be a 2002 spec. But a 2000 build bike can only be at the max a 2001 spec. and not 2002 spec. This is not tolerated by means of the VIN numbers. So far personally, Have not seen a 2002 build bike in holland here, but have not been at all places. I would be more concerned about if you will have all the recall mods that MV has done on these bikes.

-- hb (, July 03, 2002.

I'm not a lawyer, I just pretend to be, but, what do you have in your possession that would show that the dealer represented the MV was a 2002 model, and that you purchased the bike believing it was a 2002 model. You do have the sales agreement, right?

Also, what would you like to happen? Would you like the dealer to refund you the amount of a 2000 model? Again, I'm not a lawyer, but I imagine these are questions and things you're lawyer will want to know/have.

"I called the dealer and he told me that MV sells the bikes as the model year they are purchased." This doesn't makes sense considering the upgrade in each year of the MV (124hp for the 2000, 127 for the 2001, and 135hp for the 2002). The other thing is I don't think the SPRs weren't available until 2002 (and they're probably not even out yet)!. You could also contact Cagiva directly if you're national distributor isn't being too helpful. Good luck.

PS: I'm not a lawyer! :)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, July 03, 2002.

The real problem of your mv is that it can not be a spr because us i now the spr until now has not been made, the only mv agusta spr specificatios made is the senna, gloss black

-- jose ducci (, July 08, 2002.

You should take legal action against your dealer as your contract is with them. You will not get anwhere by taking legal action against MV - who will also have better lawyers than your dealer!

-- Ehab Allam (, July 24, 2002.

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