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Was wondering if anyone knew of a good rave coming up in July 2002 either in NC or SC...friend is getting married so wants to have a batchlers party at a rave...awsome huh!!!!...laters PLUR!!!

-- Anonymous, July 01, 2002


FRIDAY JULY 19 PSY-FRI @ Club Mix asheville nc Derby Michael Curran Alex Babar $10 10pm-4am

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2002

On second though... ignore the above. That is not a "rave" but a psychedelic trance ceremony in a very small club. If the bride and groom are seeking enlightenment through spiritual dancing to the sounds of psychedelic trance music, then they are welcome... If they want to bust out with some glow stix and whoop it up at a big rave, this AINT the place for it. Sorry and good luck..

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2002

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