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I have lost so much muscle in my left knee. I just had arthroscopic surgery, but even for two months before surgery I wasn't able to do much. I need to rebuild my Quads fast. Can you help?

-- Joanne (, July 01, 2002


Hey Joanne, I had my patella in my knee dislocated about a month and a bit ago and have just started going to a physiotherapist to help rebuild my quads to keep my kneecap in place so it doesn't happen again. I also have alot of wastage in the muscles at the moment. I exercise my knee four times a day using a strap-on leg weight and just lifting it vertically in the air while fully extended, holding for five seconds and then letting in come back down again. Do thirty repitions and 2 sets four times a day. Also do contractions on your knee, sit in a chair with your foot firmly planted on the floor with a slight bend in the knee. Contract the muscle in your knee and your butt cheeks while sucking your stomach in and hold for five seconds also. Do the same amount each day as the vertical lift. If you need to be shown how to do these properly I suggest going to see a physio for one session to let them demonstrate it for you. Hope this helps - Adam

-- (, July 13, 2004.

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