Who/when our first female Pres?

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IMO, sometime in the next 20 years there will be a woman President. But I don't see any runaway favorites as of right now. Off the top of my head, I see these as most likely---

Democrats- Senator Hillary, 2004 or 2008

Senator DiFi

Senator Patty Murray


Condi, 2008

Elizabeth Dole (if she is elected Senator)

Christy Todd Whitman (I include her because she has been a governor and most Presidents, of late, have either been VPs or govs.

I don't underestimate Hillary. She is well connected, well positioned and a pit-bull campaigner. Don't think she'd win the election, but has a shot at the nomination.

Condi has never held public office. The scenario I see is of her running (and winning) with Bush as VP in 2004. Then she could run for pres in 2008. She has many attributes---intelligence, education, foreign policy wonkness, good looks, race. A ringer maybe: Condi has never been vetted by the press bigtime. What's the deal with her? She is in her 40s and has never been married and, to my knowledge, does not have a male relationship. Is she gay? If so, will that hurt her?

Camille Paglia has said in print that Hillary is obviously a dyke. Paglia should know. So maybe sexual orientation would not be an issue.

-- (lars@indy.net), June 29, 2002


Paglia actually said this:

As an early admirer of the Clintons who was shocked awake by the 1993 healthcare fiasco and other scandals (see the transcripts of two 1994 CNN "Crossfire" shows, reprinted in "Vamps & Tramps," where I defended Clinton accuser Paula Jones and argued that Hillary "hides from accountability"), I strongly feel that Hillary has always benefited from a weird residual sexism. Special treatment is still protectively accorded middle-aged heterosexual women by supposedly egalitarian journalists whose brains go soft when Hillary, who's as butch as they come, turns on her pink estrogen light. It's the manipulative tyranny of the mother imago.


-- (lars@indy.net), June 29, 2002.

The USA will probably defeat the first major party nominee who's a woman. That will lead to a pullback for about 20 years, as "conventional wisdom" solidifies around the idea that a woman is unelectable for president - just look at Y, who lost. Then a woman will win and that wisdom will be discarded like yesterday's newspaper.

As for the many possibilities named above, only Hillary Clinton is ambitious enough to try for the nomination and savvy enough to get it if she tries for it. And she would surely lose in the general election. Thus, fullfilling the first part of my prophecy.

Condoleeza Rice would never get the nomination for VP, let alone president. She has no political base and has never campaigned for office. Diane Feinstein is not ambitious (and self-deluded) enough to get lured into running. Christine Whitman and Elizabeth Dole are too "liberal" to win in the South -- which the Republicans need badly to win the presidency.

-- Little Nipper (canis@minor.net), June 29, 2002.

How typical of you disgusting Repugs to focus on sexual matters as an issue for the presidency. Should have learned your lesson on Klintoon, this kind of strategy can backfire on you. Imagine what we would discover if we started snooping around in the bedrooms of all the disgusting southern redneck pervert hypocritical Repugs who have run for or occupied the office of the president. Gaaaawd, don't even want to think about it!!

-- (repugs@disgusting.mudslingers), June 29, 2002.

Politics aside, my intuition tells me there will be a woman currently unknown, who will be elected president in 2012. Remember this ten years from now.

-- Aunt Bee (Aunt__Bee@hotmail.com), June 29, 2002.

Beg to disagree LN. Cheney's health may prevent him for running for VP in 2004. The Republicans might do something creative to form a "dream" ticket, especially if the Dems field a strong candidate (unlikely); ie Powell or Rice for VP. Powell is too Liberal for the right wing. Rice seems pretty Conservative, and has no baggage of which I am aware. Then again, she has not yet been vetted. Someone could find something, somewhere.

If Rice did become VP in 04, she would automatically be the leading Presidantial contenduh for 08.

I'm ordering my Bush/Rice 04 bumper stickers right now.

-- (lars@indy.net), June 29, 2002.

"Cheney's health may prevent him for running for VP in 2004."

Don't forget Dumbya's health, he's been having a lot of "asshole problems" lately (no pun intended).

"I'm ordering my Bush/Rice 04 bumper stickers right now."

LOL, if you can find someone stupid enough to print them! Rice ain't gonna happen dude. Not only is she a woman but she's a black woman, which isn't going to go over well with the hardcore conservos. The only reason Dumbya appointed her was to deflect criticism of his normally racist attitudes. Her third problem is that she worked with our favorite criminals at Enron. So far she's been smart enough to avoid going to jail, but just working for those creeps is likely enough to make her guilty of some very sleazy deeds. It speaks volumes about her character.

-- (not in @ my. lifetime), June 29, 2002.

The sound of hyperventilation from under Trollboy's rock. LOL.

-- (roland@hatemail.com), June 29, 2002.

What comes out of a chinaman's ass...........RICE, RICE, RICE

-- (puking@pug.stupidity), June 29, 2002.

I wrote a little poem about you Rolo

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-- Poor (trollboy@little.weenie), June 30, 2002.

I just thought of another Democrat woman candidate. She has vast executive experience, is a self-made millionaire, has looks that Reno would die for. She is an ethnic and knows all the right people.

Martha Stewart for President!

-- (lars@indy.net), June 30, 2002.


I'm flattered that all you other trolls are attempting to imitate the one and only most annoying troll in history, but if I wanted to write a song about Rolo it would be far more humiliating than that pathetic little lullaby of yours. You can learn by watching a master, but if you don't have the talent you will never be a true artist.

VERY weak, *YAWN*.

-- The Original Trollboy (imitation is the sincerest @ form. of flattery), June 30, 2002.

I've said it before trollboy----until you adopt a consistent screen name, people will imitate your voice. If you do use a single name, then, if someone else posts with that name, you can legitemately complain to Unc.

Trollboy is lying. He did write the doggerel above.

Anyway, this thread is moot. We have already had a female President--- Jimmy Carter. LOL.

-- (roland@hatemail.com), June 30, 2002.

"Trollboy is lying. He did write the doggerel above."

Nice try Rolo, you're the one who is lying. Unk can prove this by simply comparing my IP address to the idiot who posted that dumb song. I suspect it is you, because I know you have posted a great number of other posts trying to imitate me.

As for people imitating me, I could care less, go for it. As I said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I'm honored, but people can see the difference between the best and pathetic imitations.

-- LOL! (nice try @ nigga. boy), June 30, 2002.

It's not immitation, little one. It's parody.

Sorry for using another 3 syllable word.

-- (roland@hatemail.com), June 30, 2002.

Nice try Rolo. Now you are talking to yourself. You need to seek professional help.
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I didn't type that.

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Maybe I did, I use so many handles my personality has split into 100 boring ones.

-- (dumbya@unspeakable.evil), June 30, 2002.

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“My legions of loyal admirers”

He means his right hand and the Parole Officer.

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Poor trollboy has become a group joke. Just pick a name for yourself and stick to it. You can do it, I have faith in even the lowest of God's creatures.

-- (roland@hatemail.com), June 30, 2002.

As soon as you type something intelligent.

-- (rolo@real.troll), June 30, 2002.

Here ya go,

Something intelligent

-- (roland@hatemail.com), June 30, 2002.

Poor Patricia

-- (what was@she.thinking anyway), June 30, 2002.

Boy, the shit doesn't stop coming. The "poor Patricia" remark is intended to make people think that Doc is involved in all this malarky, which he isn't and never has been. And Roland isn't the shape-shifter that he is being portrayed as, either.

-- Peter Errington (petere7@starpower.net), June 30, 2002.

Every single one of your assumptions is WRONG AGAIN, Errorton.

-- (get @ brain. numbskull), June 30, 2002.

You made "it" testy.

-- dr. pibb (drpibb@new.formula), June 30, 2002.

I agree with you Peter, FWIW. Patricia hasn't been in these parts in ages, nor Doc either, for that matter.

-- Aunt Bee (Aunt__Bee@hotmail.com), June 30, 2002.

Patricia for Democrat nominee for President.

-- (lars@indy.net), June 30, 2002.

http://www.sacbee.com/content/politics/story/3416164p-4444453c.h tml">Rice quietly cools Oval Office frictions, SacBee, July 1, 2002

-- (roland@hatemail.com), July 01, 2002.


-- (duh@duh.duh), July 01, 2002.


-- (Al Sharpton@dealin.with it), July 01, 2002.

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