Well, this forum has music on it (hope y'all like it!)

Every month, we'll have a vote for the music to be put on the main page ( a midi)..i'll present you guys with 3 choices, and y'all get to vote on them!

this months' music is "Prolouge" from FF4...ENJOY!!!

-- Davey Rootbeer (, June 28, 2002


My vote=no music

-- TheoFaerie (, June 28, 2002.

I like Eyes On Me! Put that on some time! Please! Peace n hair grease! ~SJ (Da Down A$$ Chick/Hyperactive Cheerleader of ATFF!!)~

-- SJ (, June 28, 2002.

how about ariths death theme that a good one or the ff9 opening theme


-- Magic Knight OF the dark Moon (, June 30, 2002.

the next vote will be conducted tomorrow, 1 july 2002 at 1:00 PM EST....i will post 3 midis from a random FF game....and you all can vote on which one you want. polls close 3 july 2002 at 10:00 PM EST

-- Davey Rootbeer (, June 30, 2002.

I'm thinking either Aeris's theme, Highwind theme, Seto's theme, or the FFX opening theme. Any one of those would make me happy. And if you find them, let me know what site they're at, k?

-- Spawn_of_Piccolo (, July 01, 2002.

Definitely the music playing in Memoria from IX, Owzer's house from VI, and...oh hell, the hymn of the fayth from X.

-- ASYLUM OUTPATIENT (, July 01, 2002.

uh i dunno ff7 boss theme i think :)

-- drugzbunny (, July 02, 2002.

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