Where can I sell my 1999 MV Agusta F4 Serie Oro

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http://www.motorcycle.com/mo/mccagiva/mvagustaf4.html 300 built Has less than 500KM

I do not have the expierance to sell a Bike like that.

If anybody can help, please send me an email. Bike now in spain. Can ship anywhere.

Thanx George Flefel

-- George Flefel (gflefel@yahoo.com), June 28, 2002


Do you have experience with the bike at all? You sound like maybe you got it without intending to get it or something...

If you advertise it in well respected motoring publications, you will probably attract the proper clientele. Just don't let ANYONE ride it! That is a very rare and precious motorcycle. Treat it as such. It's a two wheeled Ferrari.

-- Andy Ruhl (quadreverb@yahoo.com), June 29, 2002.

Cycletrader and eBay come to mind. Fortunately, there aren't too many Oros running around. You could also try here, since placing an ad is free: http://ducati.infopop.net/2/OpenTopic/a/cfrm

I think the biggest thing is pricing the Oro realistically. I recall someone asking $100,000 and $60,000 for an Oro. :)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (Agibbs996@aol.com), June 30, 2002.

What's the price, number of production and km's? I got a senna but i want a Oro too. (portugal)

-- humberto serra (humberto_serra@hotmail.com), July 03, 2002.

Dear Friends,

there are a number of itens should be taken into consideration... but since someone already mentioned, you are dealing with a state-of-art machine, precious piece of art, and as it gets older its value goes up. I have an Oro Serie myself numbered 258 out of only 300's made. It tells everything when you turn on this clocked engine and let it roll... I have owned every kind of motorcycle, but there is nothing compared to own a 750 Oro Serie. My bike has been exposed in two Museums, twelve reports in magazines and tv shows, and is signed by two actual bike racers, the frenchman Olivier Jacques and spanishman Carlos Checa, and would not sell for less than US$110K!!! this is to give you a little notion of what are you dealing with.

If you need ehlp on placing your bike in the markets contact Rio- England in Rio de Janeiro, try Luis Alberto there, he has a list of about ten names that can bid on your bike.



-- Vinicius Bocaiuva (vboca@hotmail.com), September 23, 2002.

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