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Following is the pasted thread from a question I posed to Dave Edwards, one of the editors at Cycle World. Since my bike is titled 2002, I'm a bit confused by his answer. Also, Motorcyclist just had a brief review, specifically articulating the improvements made to the 2002.(August issue)The thread is in reverse order, most recent at the top.

Maybe because there's no such thing as a 2002 MV Agusta? Production has been halted for some time, though Piaggio (the new owner) promises start-up in July.

David Edwards Editor-in-Chief

> -----Original Message----- > From: VZE Verizon [] > Sent: Tuesday, June 25, 2002 6:26 PM > To: > Subject: cw_www_letters > > I don't get it. I just received the August issue, publishing the Best > SuperSport Shootout. Where is what is probably the best bike of the lot...the MV Agusta F4? I have yet to see yours, or any other mag put this bike up against the other "standards" in the class. I'd love to see how it stacks up! Comments?

-- Larry Nipon (, June 27, 2002


Ah yeah. There is such thing as a 2002 and there's a difference before the 2002 and 2000. So much for journalists being well informed.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, June 27, 2002.

Greetings Larry- What is the production date on your bike? It should be on the VIN sticker located on the right side of the steering head. Just curious if it may be a 2002 production model with a 2001 production date.

-- Tim Willard (, June 27, 2002.

There is a 2002 MV and I own one. It said so on the certificate of origin, and also my title, and on the bike. It was manufactured 11/01. However, cars and motorcycles often have a production date prior to their year, which is why you can buy a 2003 Ford etc. in the later months of 2002. I also received 2 "EV 02" decals from MV with my owners manual. Because...the 2002 models have the evolution 2 motor, which is different from the earlier models; by about 7 H.P.

-- john milotzky (, June 29, 2002.

Question...does the current offering of RG3 pipes, headers, and chip work correctly with the 2002 EV motor? Is different mapping required?

-- Larry Nipon (, July 08, 2002.

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