? regarding Fillmore show 6/21/02

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I was blown away by the Tabla Beat Science show at the Fillmore the other night. One thing struck me and I wanted to ask about it. The programmers (Pandits? Pundits?) and DJ disc seem to have a different concept of performance than the the rest of the group. During the section where only the pundits and Karsh were onstage, they had a fast repetitive beat laid down and Karsh was pounding away while trying to get their attention to either mix it up or wrap it up. They just kept staring blankly into their laptops. When DJ disc was playing with Zakir, he also didn't seem to interact closely with the other musicians. Techno and DJs are here to stay, no doubt there. Unfortunately they often seem to be completely absorbed with their own sound and lack interaction and sensitivity to what the othe musicains onstage are doing. whassupwitdat?

-- Andrew Haynes (phreakiness@hotmail.com), June 26, 2002

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